Future Winds

According to robert bruce, there is an unstoppable force on the astral like a wall that you cannot pass, many of you might have encountered this before, but its as if time takes place in the future when the future cannot be foretold

this time it took place in the form of a person, and i couldn’t come into contact with this person no matter how hard I tried, its an invisible force that pushes you away, anyone know why that is

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The only wind force I encountered is the wind that drags me to the source to upload data and drops me at a random location… its almost impossible to stop it! It normally happens while a sleep and people don’t feel it unless they happen to be awake in the astral!
If its an invisible wall I can’t cross its usually someone’s territory!

If its about the future and it pushed you maybe you aren’t ment to know! Like there would be a major change to its existence if you knew it? Like a defence mechanism? Idk am speculating here…