Future practicioner here +is magic possible in a flat?

Hi everybody!

A father of two, I have been drawn to the symbolic and supernatural, then more precisely to LHP for years but am still an armchair magician.
The most practical things I have ever done are meditating, drinking while reading (which is “fun” and amplifies the pleasurable aspect but unfortunately numbs the mind, especially when you get into strong liquors) and buying rare volumes.
The reasons why I am still an armchair magician are:
-I don’t have much privacy at home, especially now with the quarantine
-time tends to be lacking as well
-some say one needs to be close to the ground, typically in a house or in an isolated natural place to perform rituals. I plan to move to a house in a couple years and will secure a private room as a temple/practice place.

As for the books, I do enjoy E. A. Koetting’s style as well as the Liber Falxifer series. Got a few Mason’s books as well and a couple Martinet Press volumes.

Whenever I get my things in order to truly practice, I intend to evoke Lord Mammon. The “dance with Mammon” series resonates well within me and Mammon’s reading list has already made me more knowledgeable about both businesses and people/mindset “vibrations.”

Before this, I intend to mostly lurk, ask questions and perhaps casually speak about this or that book.
Some may think that “armchair magic” is of limited interest, but there are so many magical content and out there, having them distilled to the core/relevant point may always be interesting, and as Mammon supposedly said books are already a gateway to their author’s specific vibration and mindset.

One question to begin with: have you already practiced advanced magical workings like evocation in a flat, that is, far from the ground? Or is a more “chtonian”, earth-grounded place necessary to make a good contact with a demon?

Welcome to the forum.

You can evoke a spirit anywhere, even in an airplane at 30, 000 feet, without issue.

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Welcome to the Forum!

I live in a Condo (6 stories up) and I have no problem working magic or even doing things like qi gong there (which highly recommends standing in nature/ground/by trees, etc).

I also have a roommate so privacy is an issue for me too. I just make it known that I would like some ‘me time’ and during that time, please don’t bug me. Close the door to your room, and get to work. I am also a huge introvert, so it is not weird for me to want some time alone xD Just make it a habit and things will seem normal. At 9 o’clock, for example, I am going to meditate. Ill be back afterwards, don’t worry xD

The thing is, everyone needs some time to decompress from the day and influences of those around them. So don’t think its weird to ask for a bit of time to yourself. They can stay in the living room or anywhere but YOUR ROOM (if that is where you are going to set up), for that hour or so xD (or however long you plan to practice). It will not kill them.

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Thank you!

@Ryce: I work from home and tend to spend the day in my own deskroom. When work is over, I tend to get out and feel little desire to get back to my desk. Besides, our children are small and can be noisy even when they do not go to my room.
The best thing would be having 2 separate rooms, one for day work and the other for magic, the second being ideally separated from the rest of the home (like a garden shed) to ensure a genuine cutting off.

Anyway, meditating in my own room and doing basic magical training here may be a good idea.

Yeah, a seperate room would be IDEAL. I would LOVE a ‘‘legit’’ space to practice in (looking at my roomies room when he moves out muahaha), but sometimes that just isnt possible for many reasons. So you got to adapt and work with what you got, while setting goals for yourself for the future. Continually move forward and advance! Eventually, you will manifest everything that you want and then some :smiley:

Good luck!

I hope you start a journal. It will be interesting to read about your particular challenges.

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