Funny Topic about a Teddy bear

I have this things about cute stuff Like a an computer error when I see them I go insane. My Gf got me this teddy bear and im insane around it once I conjured Satanachia felt and evil presence coming from the Bear did she inhabit it and can spirits use it to take my energy and ground theyselves to me I will post a pic of it :grinning:66413819_863757990673196_5138010178670559232_n


It’s very cute you would be able to tell if there was something inhabit it’s self in itplace in inside a energy breaker circle and call out the enn you think is in it if you feel nothing during it then your fine if you feel a full force of energy well you have a demon teddy lol however if you only feel some it may not be who you called on also make sure your area is purified before doing this

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