Funny mouth stuff

So I was working to summon Sitri, and it was all pretty much routine, but then it got weird. I asked for what I wanted, offered my offering, and sat back. Suddenly there was this funny taste in my mouth and I had a pictures of some black fingers with claws in my mouth, so dirty they were turning my saliva black. Then I heard him say, as a voice in my head, to open my mouth and breathe in, so I did. And it was weird! It felt like something was shoved down my mouth, as best I can describe it like speed up stop motion animation. I gagged, and had the urge to throw up, and my body was shaking, then it was over and we went back to talking.
Should this be cause for concern???


I dont think it would be cause for concern. Its a coincidence though because I was working with sitri recently and he blew something into my mouth. Maybe this type of thing is something that he does? Its strange we both had the experience of him putting something in our mouths. I got the feeling it was to do with giving me knowledge.


I have no clue. I asked him too, and he just kind of smiled at me. He said something about using me and a mouth piece. Tbh, I was just asking him to do stuff for me, so I’m kind of lost.


It might become clear in time.


I hope so, that would be cool!


Norse belief is that spirits can enter that way as well as through the anus. Hence when they lit a pyre for someones funeral they would often cover their butts as they backed up to keep evil spirits from entering.

Various far eastern Yokai like the Kappa are also prone to removing unwary mortals souls out the backdoor. So this idea of orifices as a path to the soul is not new at all.

I agree with both of you that this was likely Sitri infusing you with his spirit, possibly to seed knowledge.


The title brought me here.

Seems like Sitri wanted a little more than just an offering :slight_smile:


I honestly was just asking him to help me with a situation, and that happened. So I’m not sure what’s up.

If you’re unsure exactly what happened and you want to know specifics, have you tried asking Sitri?

There are no coincidences :slight_smile:


I did, got a feeling, not a strong one, and it wouldn’t call it an answer.

Only Synchronicities.