Funny how things fall into place sometimes

Sorry this is a little “stream of conscious” in nature and sorry this is kind of long. My main area of practice is generally more Folk magic, New Traditional Witchcraft/“Crooked Path”, Chaos Magick, and implement a lot of planetary aspects. I don’t typically work with spirits but implement the concept of Genius Loci and have worked with Hecate here and there for about a decade. My experimentation with demonolatry and more strictly LHP has been a bit of a newer development over the last 3ish-4ish years. In that span I’ve worked a little with Paimon, Seere, Dantalion, Bune, Marchosias, and Decarabia. I intend on doing much more with this. Now, bear in mind, I tend to look for signs/patterns/dot-connecting all of the time on purpose so the likelihood of me projecting onto any of this is relatively high.

I’ve had Dantalion come to mind several, several, several times over the last couple of years. (She always insists I refer to her as she even though I’ve read/heard Dantalion be referred almost exclusively with other pronouns, just throwing that disclaimer in). I first discovered her semi-randomly when a video popped up in my suggested thingy of someone showing a working they did with her. I wasn’t really using YouTube for information gathering on much relating to the LHP and I wasn’t watching anything occult related. She’d show up during times I was having trouble with romantic interests jerking me around or lacking in the emotional intelligence department.

Then, a little more on the nose but less interesting, I became really close friends with an old coworker who incidentally has honeysuckle growing all over her neighborhood. Her and I also commiserate on the aforementioned issues frequently.

For a minute I assumed I was being prodded to do some kind of manipulative love thing (i.e. something elementary and overdone like trying to get them to like me back/more) and I was always hesitant and the air was like “No. nonono. nO. NoOo. Work that whole mess out and I’ll come back later.” Then she’d kind of go away for a bit and come back when a different person showed up. Rinse repeat. But then she started roping in my brother (who I’ve recently been having similar issues with), in addition to a new love interest that wasn’t necessarily like the other ones but that part of the story is no one cares, it’s fine. Anyways. A few months ago he and I got into a bit of a banter that started to get a little mean and, out of character for me, I just uncouthly blurted out some snide thing about his lack of emotional intelligence. (I apologized and redacted and all of the stuff I’m supposed to do when I’m an asshole).

So after sitting on all of this for a good while, I thought, I’m stupid, it’s not even necessarily love magick I should be doing and what is Dantalion best known for?? CHANGING PEOPLES MINDS. Not like making them agree with you, girlgristle, you fucking dunce. What’s the thing that’s been plaguing you this whole time. What can we do here? Like clockwork, she rolls in again, but this time with less despondency than the last couple of times, and kind of like “HI HELLO THERE YOU ARE I’M HERE HOW ARE YOU DOING?"

I was perusing the Daemon Directory App and decided it was time to get cracking and study up on Dantalion and actually start working with her and one of the things Connolly mentioned was helping one relate to others emotionally, and teaching emotional intelligence and empathy. So, the exact 3 things I’m struggling with this current person. Great human, just really needs to work on those so, so badly. Not cruel or mean spirited, just a lot going on there. By his own admission. Once I read that I felt about 80 lbs just lift off of me in relief. That just happened in the last 24 hrs so once I actually start working with her, I’ll probably report back.

I’ll Segway into this next bit with a kind of funny but maybe not that interesting or important minor detail. Current Dantalion Guy’s favorite bands is Leviathan and I think he just completed their discography in his record collection. He’s also a Pisces with a lot of water and air placements.

The Leviathan part is a lot newer with barely any mileage. But essentially, I’ve never really done much with the water element in general, but have been called to interact with it in the material/mundane sense this past summer. I also had the tentative plan to stick with the Goetic pantheon until I’d felt a little more acclimated and completed a bit of a project I’d had in mind. I’ve been having a string of terrible luck and rough patches and Leviathan started popping up in mind really heavily. I don’t know much about her but in the quick searching I did, I learned that one of the dates she’s associated with is my birthday. I think I could be remembering wrong but I believe one of the other dates is a coworkers birthday, with whom I have a couple strange/fun synchronicities. For example, my parents live in neighborhood A at the SE most edge of the county line and I moved to neighborhood B, at the exact opposite side before you get to the next state. Whereas He and his parents lived in neighborhood B, where I’d moved to, and when he moved out on his own, he moved into my parent’s neighborhood. I will continue the deep dive and report back.

Thank you for reading this far and if you feel like weighing in, feel free!

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