Funny gnosis stories

I had the funniest comfirmation story yesterday.

I was contacted by lilith some time ago. Startes to heqr her voice in my head. Now i doubted this as imagination

Yesterday however, she was teaching me about savoring the moment, i got a fancy icecream but was eating it too fast as i normally do.

She told me to drop it and buy another, as punishment for ignoring her teaching, i refused.

The icecream, which was a well made italian style. Started to slip from my hands and fall apart. Multiple times. The baked cone was tearing. Bits of it would slid off as i tried to eat it.

I know this sounds strange but it confirmed the idea she is with me.

Any one else got any strange or funny stories about gnosis confirmation


@telgega Oh yeah Lilith has quite the sense of humour lol. I remember a few times i would hold in what i needed to say to someone in terms of being angry or boundaries. So should she would give me a sore throat until i did talk to the person or tell someone where to go. She’d be like use your voice or lose it. Lol.


Fair i suppose

Satan on his throne nodding his head happily to the music. I don’t know what kind of music it was.
Fact no. 1. Satan really likes the band Disturbed. I heard the song Indestructible for the first time in a dream.

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Lol, thats interesting



So Lilith is not just a mother, she is a Ma ma!

We have been traveling hard to get for ohio to California, almost not stoping. I have been drinking alot of water and you know how that works out.

I would be holding it in for several hours. Tring to do trace work to relqx my body and shut it down.

“Mama” was like. "Express your needs. Tell him (boss) to pull over. Well i didnt…so she did.

We blew a brand new tire on a semi trailer (gave me time to go) and also blew the air suspension on the trailer (blessing in disguise)

Mama got yo back!


She did it again…

2 tires ans the break line this time

Constant little nudges that I should quit my job and dive into the unknown.
But hey, I’ve got a mortgage and expenses…
I’ve been able to refuse on-call shifts, now all of a sudden I have to take my part in them.

Constant little nudges that I should get off my arse and set up alternative/ supplemental income sources.
Now all of a sudden the (international company) I work for has serious financial issues, a CEO that was very nervous telling us things are bad, but we’re not going bankrupt just yet and persistent rumours that a reorganization is coming.