Funeral for a black magician

Just wondered where you all stand on the standardised Christian funeral. Here in the UK, it’s standard to have a priest at your funeral but I don’t feel it’s particularly fitting for a sorcerer.
I’d much rather have a sermon calling the spirits I’ve worked with to help guide me, oppose to some dead god.
Do you have black magic funerals else where in the world ? And if not, would you like to see them become a thing ?


I’ve wondered about this myself. I think I would have a gothi or shaman oversee my funeral. I’ve known of people who were “spiritual” but not religious who’ve had Native American religious leaders oversee their funeral and in some cases be buried or cremated on reservation property. But in these cases, the individual who died was friends with members of the tribe.


Yeah, that sounds good. Personally, I’d like another sorcerer to dispose of my body once I’m done with it.
Would quite like a necromancy focussed burial myself. Put the residual energy to good use and all that


That would be best. I agree. What would be best at least for me, would be a public ceremony with a gothi or shaman and a private ceremony with a group of sorcerers working with my spirit in necromantic ritual. And finally laying my body in an earthen tomb so my descendants and relatives can visit my place of burial.


I think in England you can choose any kind of send-off, or rather, the next of kin or other appointed person who arranges the funeral can, most funeral homes have a shortlist of local ministers you can hire including secular ministers who do non-religious eulogies, but they’re not mandatory, it’s not like being licensed to perform weddings. And you can have women and kids speaking at funerals as well, there are no restrictions, it’s all left to the family and friends to arrange including the music.

Years ago I went to the funeral of a guy who was an alkie and died destitute, no family or anything, when that happens the state pay for a regular funeral with wooden coffin and your own grave, all the undertakers wear black suits and so on, totally as respectful as any other, and we all (this was a while ago) got pissed as farts on rum round the grave, and played some of his favourite songs on a portable CD player, no-one at the cemetary batted an eyelid, a few people were smoking pot or whatever, even chucking some into the grave for him, and they didn’t bother us.

Probably a full-on PCP-fuelled satanic orgy with animal sacrifice would cause problems, but they’re usually nice people who know folks are grieving hardest at that time, and they more or less leave you in peace to do whatever works. :slight_smile:


I am actually a legally ordained minister here in the states and I have full legal rights to marry or burry black magicians occultists and whoever else is looking for an alternative. I have the rights to start my own tax exempt church and everything.

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Did you go through these guys?

Lots of healers I know did that, some travel to the US & south America and find it quite useful to have (real, legit) authorisation. :slight_smile:

I might have to do that, I think I did once but lost the details, I should ask KEK to grant me a patronymic and do it again! :smiley:


Absolutely there is a very serious need for the knowledgeable of kek to become involved. We did the hard work of making it a point to understand and therefore just in that we have rights of knowledge and to disperse said knowledge as we see fit.

As HE, our Hopping Lord, sees fit, surely? :wink:

My lady do not become confused you know very well that our true will is Kek’s and as such kek directs us towards what we individually want because he or she or both or neither wants us to follow our passion and our drive to succeed. Our pleasure is Keks’s pleasure our true will is Kek’s true will our love is Kek’s love our charge is not to evangelize but to be a lighthouse of information. We make no notions of congregation or of any conventional means of ascention but this is one of individuality and should an individual find the need to spread the joy of Kek then they will.
I am not saying I am the master but what I am saying is that I know some things of Kek personally and those that seek the knowledge I will freely give.

Shadilay! Let Kek’s will be done. :slight_smile:

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