Fun story with our spirits

Greeting :no_good_man:
I create this post, because I have in mind a few anecdotes that are worth sharing, and so instead of just forgetting them, I prefer to write them here.
Most of these little stories date back to a short time ago.

  • I couldn’t get out of bed, when I had to go to university in a very short time so I ended up calling for help my cyclop, I had to tell him something like : “Excuse me, could you help me find an excuse for my delay please… I still want to sleep.”.
    He just said : “Lazy…” … And I then knew that I had to get up :expressionless:

  • Sometimes during the night, my computer turns on, and I get images of monster directly in my head, now I regret to have told them that they could scare me from time to time to have fun. I asked them why they could stop, but my succubus just replied : “Take care of me then.” I stopped complaining and talked to her.

  • A little last, for fun. I was sitting on the extremely comfortable seats of the University, I was listening to the French-language course which is probably the most incomprehensible and boring course we could give to students, I had invited my succubus to sit on a free seat next to me, I could feel her look that told me ironically : “Why did you invite me to come in ? Do you want to hurt me ?”
    I just said in my head that I was sorry, from there one of my pens didn’t stop falling to the ground. After a while I had a kind of black flash or thought I saw her lying in front of me on the table just before he heard her say : “Look at me.” I responded by challenging her : “Else what?” :smirk:
    There was a moment of silence and she said : “It would be silly if we don’t do the things that all men like.”
    I raised the white flag and looked at it hoping that the course would pass faster. When we got home, she helped me rewrite my review sheets. She said she’s feeled guilty because I didn’t listen the course, and that’s not wrong.

That’s it for me, I hope it made you smile :slight_smile:


tu parle francais?

that last one was cute lol she must be a sweet heart to help you with your work


Oui, je parle français, je pensais pas en trouver un/une autre ici :slight_smile:

même. Il est rare de trouver quelqu’un qui le parle dans l’occulte en plus de quelqu’un qui est dans le vaudou. Je suis content de vous avoir rencontré. je m’appelle kat.

@EyesOfTheWolfOccult En terme générale, les français sont cartésiens, au début je croyais que c’était une caricature, mais après avoir bien regardé autour de moi j’ai remarqué que c’était vrai, les français ont peur de l’invisible, peut-être une peur hérité de nos ancêtres :thinking: Personnellement je ne suis pas dans le Vaudou, je suis plus un gars penché divination, bref, je suis aussi content de t’avoir rencontré :slight_smile:

La divination est vraiment cool. Je suis plus d´une volva magique noire et norvégienne

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To tell the truth, it’s rare that I can hear or see her :no_good_man: I lack experience and above all I do not meditate enough, I also know that I hurt her by making promises that I didn’t hold. And despite that she always comes and always speaks with irony, so yes it’s a sweetheart :slight_smile:


Perso, j’ai aucune idée de ce que je suis :sweat_smile: Je part du principe que je suis, et c’est tout.

i dont meditate as much as i should well idk if spacing out counts as meditation but lol if it does well im olden ive always been able to see hear n feel them since i was aa kid so i think it has nothing to do with experiance just abillity but by doing wat u do help develope those abilities


aww c’est comme le moyen idéal d’exister … juste savoir que vous existez
bien que si vous travaillez avec Azazel, vous finirez par remettre en question votre existence lol

J’hésite grandement à invoquer des démons, ça pourrait m’apporter beaucoup, mais je ne me sent pas encore d’attaque pour ce genre d’entité, je vais déjà essayé d’entrer en contact avec tous les esprits qui m’entourent et après je m’attaquerai au démon, probablement soit Bélial, Lilith, ou Azazel :thinking:

belial est un excellent partenaire, même s’il est exigeant

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This last story takes a whole different “wtf” turn if you misread the above sentence as:

“I was sitting on the extremely comfortable seats of the Universe.”


My only funny story so far is my recent dream where Lucifer told me to stop being a punk and hit his weed.


It could have been just as funny :thinking:

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It’s already good, some people have none as much in the spiritual world as in the physical world :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Among the most wtf dreams I’ve had, I like to talk about: “Antarctic Monkey”.
I began to take an interest in the occult world at this moment. I do not know if a spirit made me that or if my brain said it could be cool that I wake up by questioning my existence.
So, I write it to you, prepare yourself mentally.

I wake up in my bed, there is a pile of dead spider on the ground, I blow on it, but that only has the effect of bringing them back to life, at this moment my mother come in my room with a flamethrower and burn all the spiders and my computer at the same time. She said to me, “Come, I need your help.” I get dressed and join her in the kitchen and there, I see a huge monkey’s head resting on the fridge. My mother gives me a cotton swab and says, “Clean her ears, please.” I don’t ask a question and I do it by being disgusted, I remember perfectly the state of cotton swabs after, they were orange and black. My mother comes to replace me by saying that it seems to disgusted me, behind me, my little brother rolling on the ground while he explained to me that we found a former military base Nazi in Antarctica full of gigantic monkey head.

I’m not weird :slight_smile: I’m different :slight_smile:

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Idk man, Satan telling me to smoke with him was a pretty interesting dream. I literally fell asleep thinking my evocation of King Paimon didn’t work and then all of a sudden I had that weird dream.

The drug is bad :joy:

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Guess it depends who you ask lol. It helps me with my ADHD and helps me focus on my artwork.

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