Fun life spell?

Spell to make more fun and interesting things come into your life? Let me know


Well, first, you will have to define your idea of what the words “fun” and “interesting” mean for you.

For example, to a serial killer, torturing small animals and/or women, would qualify as fun. However, for most humans, it would not.

Once you have better defined your terms as you understand them, then you can create a Statement of Intent.

For example, “It is my will to have fun and interesting things come into my life.”

When you have your statement of intent all ready, you can start to convert it into a “sigil.” Now, for this part, you have two options. You can cross out all the repeating letters in your statement and turn them into a pictorial glyph/symbol, or, you can rearrange them to create a mantra.

Once you have created your sigil, whether pictorial or mantra, you get yourself into an altered state, and fire it off into the far reaches of the multiverse. You can do this through a variety of methods, from meditation to masturbation, to everything in between. In the case of a mantra sigil, you would sit and chant it until your mind blanks out, never dwelling on its meaning.

Once you have fired off your sigil, you then promptly forget about it and go on with your life as if you did nothing. Eventually, you will notice “fun and interesting things” appearing in your life. The rate of their manifestation will depend on how quickly you can forget about the magick.