Fun idea (possible?)

So I’ve been thinking about the astral plain alot, and about how my room/house probably has alot of uninvited guests…and about home alone (the movie)…

Would it be possible to booby trap my house/room ASTRALLY for unfriendly parasites/imposters? Since thoughts manfiest there quicker? Kinda like a servitor but “traps” and to program them to only harm/defend me against beings with Ill intent?

Then to harvest their energy to bring back to me? Win win?

Your room doesn’t exist in the astral. The astral is a entirely different plane, your room may have an astral alignment location but it does not exist at all in the astral in the context of it being “your room”.

Your room exists on the energetic layer of the physical that’s about it.

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So then it isn’t possible?

Nope, it’s not. You can create a pseudo copy of your room there but it’s not your physical room.

I thought the parasites/other beings use the astral to visit (earth + people), which is what my thinking was based on.

Yeah, that was created by people who seem to not understand the difference between the astral and our own energetic physical layer.

The astral is a mental plane where people and entities can meet up but overall home to thoughtforms.

The energetic layer of the physical is a layer where energy is tangible, entities can go there/here to visit people physically. It’s not a plane on it’s own but a layer on our physical plane.

The etheric is a spiritual plane where the entities live, they can traverse to the astral to meet people who prefer meeting there, or come to the physical energetic layer to visit people here.

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Is the energetic layer of the physical called ambient energy or have anything to do with it?

Ambient energy is just the energy around us. The energetic layer of the physical is just that the energetic layer, a person can project to it. Often times it’s called the middle world in shamanic faith where fragments of those who have passed on reside, nature spirits that come and go, etc.

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Oh okay, that makes better sense.

While I wouldn’t say believe No or Yes yet, I’ll say I thought of this myself before and At least used to believe its possible and put some possible such in my house to help clear and prevent haunting stuff. Any general Magickal ward or protective object or protective active entity could be said able to do this if wards exist effectively.

I also would say don’t take what anyone says things are as concrete without experience and much research (questions like this are good), especially with these topics where there’s been much debate.
There’s many beliefs in this growingly studied and theorizing field full of people who define and believe things differently, some believe entities can be in the physical, some say they will only go to the physically associated places in the astral to “manifest” here. Some say the etheric is the “upper” physical, some lower or upper astral, or even lower or upper mental, some say above that even, it takes research no matter what to Know because of the semantics, some Say without knowing, or Know without saying. While i’ll say all aren’t equally trustworthy, so just research. Maybe it IS the upper physical, maybe one can utilize it without knowing exactly even.

Some believe there is a unique astral space and a unique mental space associated with any outward/physically local location (as ones Current house), as well as a personal astral space and a personal mental space basically that are our bodies or internals within those greater regions (the astral and mental planes), where we (our astral/mental bodies/awareness) wander in/out of/about and can be affected from, along with entities at various levels we might not always notice or be affected by. From what I know the astral is said to be generally where one level of the world works and is affected from, and that a finer or greater part is affected from the mental, and that things in the physical manifest first from the astral, and from there first the mental (in same beliefs as some say the physical is within the astral, and the astral within the mental (or causal as sometimes called).

Along with these beliefs, its plausible if an entity has a person they see from a random dark astral space they’re in, or a mental space even, they could follow people back to their own local astral space of their house (or mental) and affect that person or people around from there (if they can affect us and we them), and so wards could at least Maybe make it a harder or slower time for the entity to do such (by say kick them out, by targeting the entities own astral or mental bodies, by pain, distraction, energy taking as stated, sigils, charged objects, or servitors could for example). If you feel it might be good to put those even theoretically or attemptedly, I can’t see how it would hurt compared to the other option. (Excuse my length please, I apologize as always).

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No need to apologise. You have a lot of good points, the possibility of entities being able to be physical actually intrigues me and matches with my own personal experiences. Maybe not in a “physical body” but as a energetic body in the physical…since our physical bodies are just dense forms of energy. So to me it seems possible if the being is strong enough and matches with my own experiences. Just my input.

Well alot of magick works through belief and confidence in your own work (will), so why would my own idea not work if I have confidence in it?

Also another thing I noticed is that people say our brain or something similar is what helps us translate or percieve our psychic senses, well food for thought…we also use our brain to percieve with our physical senses, to see a human being that is next to us physically , or feel objects that are just as physical as us. Which makes me question some things. So our brain seems to interpret both our physical and psychic senses in similar manners-- which always fun to think about. It’s all energy.


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There have been spirits also where say for example if I’m on my bed I’ll feel weight (and sense) the spirit not on or touching me directly but on the bed with me (either sitting at the edge,etc). I’ll feel the mattress go down and one time saw an impression as well.

Then spirits that I’ve heard knock on the walls of my house, flashes of light (rare), and other phenomenon. The ones that stand out to me is physical manifestation where I can feel the spirits energy on a physical level, and where I can feel, hear and see the spirit interact with an object or the physical in general.

Example a spirit SMACKED my bed when I was lying down (between my legs) I felt the smack, the mattress reacted as if a physical person had smacked it and heard a noise accompany this.

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Thank you, I like to be comprehensive and find it difficult if I don’t feel I’ve been enough. Yeah I’ve heard a lot of reports and experienced some of entities being able to be in or manifest in the physical and affect it, or those around it different ways. I do imagine entities likely would more commonly out of physical manifestations be more energetic forms that can be transparent or not always visible. I theoretically think fully physical ones could exist temporarily too with enough definite energy. The will I think has great power because as some say functions from very close to our core and can work through even the personal veils and non knowing so I think practice with theory and the will has great potential and likelyhood to make things work in many attempts, be it protection, or manifestation and connections, or powers of sorts.

I’ve heard from some the brain and living body in general helps us be able to affect the different regions and entities within them more, including ourselves, while without one might be limited to a different amount of influence or awareness without it depending how far they got. Some would say the third eye is what connects us and our awareness between the regions and our brain is a physical manifestation of it. I think our physical brain and living self here helps anchor us here in the realtime physical and observe the regions around easier from it, and with awareness easier affect.

I also think the brain can tend to work too, due to anchoring us, to possibly allow us to see nearby, connected, or interconnected regions (as the local astral or mental idea) and at times entities may be noticed or notice us and affect from or through those links go between the places. Though I believe it can give us great opportunity, exposure to the physical life with lack of clearing or self reunifying and discovering practices and thinking or research can cause people to lose their clarity to the other worlds after at least a certain age or amount of exposure (even if they had a high level of clarity before).

I also do think the physical likely exists as just a very dense form of energy compared to the subtler or higher regions and parts of the self, as why the energy from different levels can work to affect this world still Directly and noticeably. Be it somebody or some objects getting pushed or hit to move or make sounds. I think as is assumable, it takes a bit different vibration and or amount of energy to make visible forms vs audible or tactile or physically affecting ones, vs have obvious presences that can be felt, (or smelled), also maybe a different level to be noticeable to animals for example like dogs or cats (from my experience at least), while people might not As much as easily
I find your experiences very interesting and cool by the way and I thank you for sharing them.

I think the study of the variance in certain forms or abilities and occurrences, and the processes of these things, can help indicate from where these certain things occur at to help define them more concretely. I like forums like this a lot due to that as there isn’t many, few any, other places for that, I think it has much potential with mental understanding and help and even possibly preventing some many other bad things in the world, things that aren’t really known how to study or well studied and hence lacking possible actual help and successes significantly, just another personal idea.

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I agree with alot of what you say, when you mentioned entities being able to appear as “transparent” energy or clear…I relate to this as this is how I “see” them. I’ll see movement through the air or some shape but it’s transparent. I also believe that the more “stronger” entities do seem to almost appear as an energetic body here when physically manifesting (transparent) but there have been times documented, witnessed and told, etc when there has been a “full” physical manifestation. Just more rare and yes temporary.

I believe anything is possible and also believe that the physical really isn’t THAT different from the rest and I also believe things overlap quite a bit, it’s just if your opened up to it or can percieve these things. Everything is energy, physical or not. The brain/third eye help us percieve both and this says alot to me. I like your well thought out responses-- their interesting and thoughtful.

I don’t of course know everything, and anything I say could easily be wrong. However I love to analyze and think about things. And I really do believe anything is possible + it’s just the mind and perception that can limit us.


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