Full moon ritual with multiple demons

Hello, fellow magicians, sorcerers, witches, gods, angles, demons, and everything in between!

I need some help with a full moon ritual I’m planning on doing on the next full moon (which is in about 7days). It’s not the ritual itself I need help with, it’s more of a question, concerning the demons I plan on evoking.

I plan to evoke Lucifer, Abaddon, Asmodeus and Caim(Camio). What I’m wondering is - do you think it would be a problem to evoke those entities in a single ritual? I need your experience, because I have too much doubt, hence why I haven’t asked each one of them personally - I’m just not sure if what I’m hearing is them, or it’s just me, telling myself what I want to hear.

What would you guys/gals say? Is it ok for them to be in the same place at the same time, or will their energies clash and cause headaches for me and them? Are any of them on bad terms with each other from what you’ve experienced in your practice?
I don’t really think it’s gonna be a problem, but I thought I’d ask here first, as to what your thoughts are.

Thanks in advance!
If there’s anything unclear, or something I forgot to mention - I’ll be watching this thread closely for the next week, so just ask.

With respect,


Dependes, i invoqe asmodeus, and 5 others demin in the same purpose, and it work. But if u are getting diferent purposes, i really sugest, do tis, have a break between them luke 1 hour, or do in diferent places of the house.

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Okay, time between is doable, different rooms are not.
Will have that in mind, thank you.

Yes some spirits clash each other and their energies dont match up
I think kind paimon and lucifer gets along well, i heard it from a member in this group as i can remember

But i think different times would be good

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Ask Abbadon what his killstreak is.

I don’t get it.
Is this supposed to be code for something?
I will try to ask him later tonight after I’m done with my mundane shit for the day.