Full Moon on the Spring Equinox on the 20th?

What are your goals and plans for the next full moon? It’s landing on the same day as the Vernal Equinox this year, that must be pretty auspicious. I’m going to be making a sigil, what about you all?


20 of march 2019: The moon is in her house 14, Azimech al simak. Its perfect for rituals and talismans of marriage, love, friendship and also healing and growth. Age of the moon is of course 15, symbol: the snake.

I will probably do a Major ritual of 11 Dark Gods

A simple magic ritual is that of Ostara to enchant an egg, choose the right colour and write on it your wish. After that should be burried under a new plant. Every plant has a patron demon so maybe should be aware of that correspondence too. And hour correspondences are also important.

Ostara is a fertility magic sabbath so probably best rituals are the ones who have something to do with family, love and relationships.


Preparing some minor spells and items to be charged with the energy of the Full Moon, but this has little importance compared to the evocations I’m planning to do:

I’m planning on evoking Lucifer and Belial at the same time to have some sort of “initiation” in the Goetic current. I’ll start working with Belial for some time and then more into the rest of the 9 Goetic Kings, starting with King Paimon and Beleth. Also planning on visiting the Infernal Empire that night


If the ring I ordered arrives like it should (fucking finally), I’ll be consecrating it.


Depends where you live, I suppose. Technically, Sping equinox is on 20th and full moon on 21st where I live. The energies will remain non the less.
I’ll be more busy in the astral, so no time for consecration or other rituals.


I haven’t decided. I want to do a ritual but I’m not sure which one.


Yeah, the power of the Full moon remains one day prior and one day posterior. But you are correct, technically they’re off by a day.


How do you do that