Full Moon multiple rituals

So since it is the last night of the full moon I am going to take advantage and do multiple rituals. I will post them when I have completed them. :metal:

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Moved into journal section.

No worries I was going to add the main rituals into the journal section

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Cool. I like your posts.
Well… i did one simple sigil little ritual with the energy of the full… Other than that i just told my servitors to feed on it. Strengthen themselves in it. I suppose i’ll see the results the next few days

Thank you…sigil magick is also powerful…tbh any kind of magick is powerful when the right intent is used. I have been researching about creating servitors earlier on and you have mentioned that…I love these synchronicities :rofl::metal:

servitors are very useful… and they can get quite good at what they do… specially when they dont have to deal with people… The ones who do have to deal with the wills of doings of people can acchieve some amazing mind blowing results… then other times you go “SIGHHHHHH… you were so close what happened?”… but i guess magick as a whole can be like that at times