Full demonic possession... Azazel

so I was watching serpent keys video on demons and possession and demons can only take full body spirit possession if you are willing long story short I am willing and wrote down a pact with Azazel the demon spirit I am close with for full on body and spirit possession any time any where he can enter my body at will and take over I already feel a strong bond with Azazel as he has been teaching me about the occult and forbidden knowledge and been giving me his lust vibes and making women more attracted to me… I also said that I agree to be apart of his legion of spirits and swore loyalty to only him no other demon or spirit…so does anyone have experience with this… I am fully in the control of Azazel Prince of Hell now…


things Azazel has been rubbing off on me…

infernal hell fire
lust sexuality
knowledge of the occult
urges to have sex drink party and listen to heavy metal
cool suave vibe and energy

he is one cool rockstar of a dude and has a way with the ladies I can feel his party hard get laid and have fun energy around me


What knowledge has he shared on lust?

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that all sex is great and you should embrace the flesh


Sometimes I wonder if they don’t all agree on that. Lust of the flesh, of the mind, and the spirit. I find too much lust in any sexual aspect distracting. Oh it’s great but a terrible distraction if I’m focusing on something more pertinent to my situation.