Fulfilling your pacts

When making pacts with demons what are some ways that you would show honor to them/give energy to them? What’s your side of the pact?

You could ask them when theyr present. Make your own poem like a preyer , buy a small statue or crystals and dedicate to them or show them trust like saying i leave this for you to handle out of my trust to you or even mentioning them to other occultists or gods.

That is very dependent on the nature and interests of who I’m working with. Normally I will ask beforehand what we can trade in exchange for each-others services before initiating a deal. That being said, that is my preferred method. I suppose if there is someone I have maintained a good working-relationship or friendship with, then I will do small services to them based off their preferences just to show my gratitude.

At least with the beings I work with, its a matter of deciding what is mutually beneficial. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, a random “thank you” offering is appreciated when they have helped you in the past. Even Gods/Demons appreciate a thank you with no expectations of something in return.

I do a weekly and sometimes 2 weekly ritual. One week it is with wine of coffee and a thank you prayer, the other week it’s with a drop of blood on the Sigil. It all depends.

They like blood which contains significant amounts of energy, its a nice offering and I would give it no matter what my side of the deal is

I have a very odd pact I made with Lucifer which really can’t be fulfilled until I’m dead. I can’t even start on it until I’m dead. Talk about a whole lot of trust eh. I made the pact and he was pretty thrilled with it according to the very energized vision I had. Its very much a win win for me and many tbh though he could break it if he wanted and I’d harbor no ill will nor retribution. I’d give the spirit a hug maybe and be on my way I guess. I make very odd pacts and deals. This one could have been better perhaps; I feel that maybe I get too much out of it.

Different entities like different things, it’s honestly just best to ask them :man_shrugging:t3: but it’s really easy, King Paimon just asked me for a space on my altar.