Fuck it

One book at a time, will do one ritual each day. When finished combine and do all.
Move onto next book of rituals.


I admire you, I am all over the place like a zombie feasting on real brains… mmmm knowledge oh look different stuff mmm. Reading up on 3 topics right now.
Funny I actually stumbled on this site I was trying to figure out how I got here and It was only after I asked for Dantalion to help me find the way to my rightful home. This was after I had a feeling of an accident happening only to find out it happened 3 hours later. I was seeing and feeling. I also think I may have had an astral travel in the midst of this. Literally stumbled on this site - I saw E.A.'s Video titles but never watched I was busy trying to confine myself to the good witch… Now I am like E.A. was looking at me this whole time while I feed myself artificial enriched knowledge. I just wanted fleshy real knowledge.

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