Frustrating when setbacks occur after progress is made—

Perhaps some can relate—do you ever feel frustrated along the journey of life and magick when you have worked hard for a long time, both with magick and the physical world elbow grease methods, to overcome much and make progress—yet setbacks still come up?
I know I have come a long way in my life—-my brother died next to me in a car wreck that also seriously injured me, then my mom committed suicide. I kept trying over the years, worked my way through college to get two degrees, etc. Now, in more recent years, I have a good job, have been working out and getting in better shape, etc.—but my truck broke down and don’t have enough money to get it out of the shop, then this evening, I woke up feeling bad and had to call in sick to work.
I found myself philosophizing some, wondering about finding the right balance between recognizing that life will still have some ups and downs, while still not wanting to set limits on amping up magick to make life better.


Yea, sure, I can relate as similar things happen to me.
Enough to make be a bit scared of be happy and hopeful about anything.

How I figured it out was to consider, and treat, life as a war, where everything that can oppose you is an enemy to defeat.

That is how I made sense of it.

Life is a nasty piece of shit, but quitting is for cowards.
It will make you sick, it will make your friends sick, if it can’t go after you it goes after your friends or family.

Happiness is knowing you have crushed that enemy and grind its bones into fucking dust.

Magick is a good weapon against hardship, but it is only as good as the wielder, much like any weapon.

Keep practicing and don’t quit, get harder, that is how you’ll get out of the shitty ticket you’ve been dealt.