From my latest bonanza purchase


RARE HAUNTED RING! Lilith vampire succubus sex slave amazing! wife
peaceful yoga, Item#171529559 – smaller ring
– Spirit name: Lehehtatael

HANDMADE HAUNTED RING summons Lilith vampire succubus sex slave of sexy
granting, Item#128158445 – larger ring
– Spirit name: Zahotmehiel


Is this real?

Let me give you an analogy that might make sense. Say you go to an in
person psychic. Now many people have levels of psychic ability.
(There’s research proving psychic powers are real, but largely
unreliable with the sole exception of past life memories which are
unusually reliable in children before age five.) So the psychic, she
could dress in regular casual or business clothes, then take what you
want to know, and then go off in a quiet back room to mediate for an
hour. Then come back with what she knows. Problem is, very few people
pay for this. Instead, they pay for her to dress like some
stereotypical gypsy fortune teller. To grope her crystal ball and
pretend to see into it. To talk in a fortune teller voice. And to do
all these things people expect that have nothing to do with being
psychic and yet people expect this stuff or they don’t believe in her.

For what we sell, it’s spirits bound to an item. Spirits are
everywhere. You can find many in forests, wild fields, ancient
buildings rarely visited, and so on. If you own a home, you might even
have a spirit somewhere on your property, but it most likely would live
in your garden, attic, or some place alone. Having a spirit connected
to an item to summon it is not something odd or unusual.

Now to sell items with spirits bound to it, we can’t just simply state
that. People expect a show like the in person psychic must give. Many
sellers have tried to just be frank and found when they do, no one will
buy their stuff except for pennies.

The essential truth of the matter is what we do is quite difficult.
With every spirit we bind, it’s an experiement and we don’t know how
things will turn out. Every person and every spirit is different, and
the process of bonding is where their minds meet. And their minds
meeting is necessary or the customer can’t sense the spirit.

How powerful is it? Why does the spirit help?

The essence of how it works is there’s a spirit bound to the item that
casts spells and directs other energy to achieve the results you ask for.

So does this mean it’s a magic bullet? So I get an item and it’s
guaranteed I… win a million dollars, control someone, transform
physical, or whatever?
No. It’s like a spy movie where the spy has a mission to perform and
they do it to the best of their ability.

If spells worked like a scientific device, like let’s say you had one of
cupid’s arrows so to speak and the results would instant and dangerous,
do you think an item would be sold on the open market? No, it would be
guarded and never sold. It’s not the money but the dangerousness of the
item. Conjuring something like this would wear even the most experience
conjurer out, dangerous to give to a newbie, and dangerous because the
government might be interested.

So we have benevolent, caring spirits that want to help good people.
The spirits have a mission to perform and they do their best and have
different circumstances and energies they must overcome.

And spirits are real. The best place to find them in large quantities
is nature.

Shouldn’t I chant some words or something?

Standard invocations are words and physical objects. This only works
when a person is in a state of gnosis, which takes many years to master.
If done outside of a state of gnosis, it has no effect. If the state
wasn’t needed, then one could program a computer to conjure and bind
every spirit but it doesn’t work that way.

All our spirits are benevolent spirits who help of their own free will.
Invocations, names, and such are more for enslaved spirits. For free
spirits, it is better to focus on a feeling of the spirit. You know the
sense you got when you first read the listing and felt something calling
you and you didn’t know where it came from? Now that’s the sense you
should focus on.

Invocation and Bonding

The basic thing is that people are sensitive psychically in certain
ways. Some are visual, some are bodily sensations, some are
intuitional, some hear voices, and so on. Some work better in
meditation, some work better in daydreams, some work better when
emotional/stressed. It really varies. Bonding to your spirit is
finding how you best sense the spirit and then developing that connection.

The spirits are bound to an item initially. (Organic items are better
than nonliving items in terms of holding energies, even though organic
items don’t look as fancy as inorganic jewelry.) If the bonding process
is successful, which it 99% of the time is then the spirit will be able
to communicate with you easily and direct energies to assist you.

Energy is important in this part because spirits unlike people don’t
have a physical body generating thoughtform-based energy from
geometric-based energy of the physical body. Spirits have what energy
they do and that’s it so they won’t use it up to impress a person. The
spirits need energy to help you and firstly these are good spirits so
they don’t take energy, instead you must give it out. The correct
energy is belief in the spirit. (Please remember that these spirits are
on the astral plane which is made of thoughtforms instead of geometric
energy like our world. Belief is a physical substance there.) The more
you believe in the spirit, the more it can help.

But shouldn’t the seller supply the spirit with all its energy? A
seller could but then it would drain them for a month and they’d only
sell one item, and the item would cost a massive amount of money.

Things to look for when sensing the spirit

Have you ever been in different places and felt a feeling or vibe about
the place? Places have thoughtform energy and should in time have
spirits that feed on the specific type of energy and encourage it to
have the same energy. One striking difference is between the middle of
a big city and the middle of the wilderness. In a metropolis, sure it
could be thoughtform energy from people there. But in a wilderness with
no people around, or even some nature park with tall overgrown plants,
most of what’s alive doesn’t produce much thoughtforms, and the plants
even have no nervous systems, and yet these places have a feeling to
them like something does. If you don’t know what I mean, then you
probably want to take a few trips in the car to see the difference. Now
then this feeling / vibe to an area you feel is the thoughtform energy.
It might be spirits, it might be just stray thoughtform energy, and
let’s assume both. If you can notice this, then this is what we are
getting at.

The feeling/vibe of an area affects the moods of people there. Affects
their thoughts, mindstate. It affects their judgement. It affects the
outcome of events–it may be see as luck, probability, fate, or outright
unexplainable concurrences.

The spirit doesn’t manifest in a puff of smoke and you see a genie you
can videotape. What you firstly get is a feeling/vibe of the spirit,
the same way you do an area. It will filter through your mind and be
limited to your comprehension, but it will be specific to that spirit.
This is the first manifestation. Further things depend on how well you
develop a connection to the spirit.

Hopefully bid on the item because you felt drawn to or called by the
spirit in the listing. This is pretty important because you can lock on
to the feeling/vibe of the spirit this way by following this sense of
being drawn or called by.

Look for something unusual or your mind churning thoughts that are odd.

For instance:
You might have a feeling you are being watched.
You might have a feeling something is going to happen.
You might feel a presence in the room or feel like someone or something
is standing behind you, not necessarily right behind you but maybe some
distance back.
You might feel a warm sensation.
You might feel a cool sensation.
You might hear voices.
You might smell something odd or just something that is not there.
You might have an odd taste in your mouth.
You might feel more energized or more tired than you ordinarily do.
Food might taste different.
You might experience sweating (in your palms, forehead, etc.).
You might shiver.
A temperature range that normally makes you either cold, hot, or happy
will suddenly change. Like you might want the heat up because you keep
feeling cold when you ordinarily wouldn’t at that temperature. Or you
might want the AC on all the time because you keep feeling hot when you
ordinarily wouldn’t at that temperature.
You might close your eyes and see spirits.
You might see spirits when you’re sleepy.
Your dreams might be different than they are. Even if you don’t see the
spirit, it will be like some external thoughts are affecting your dreams.
You might experience thoughts in your mind that aren’t there.
You might hear odd noises like clicks, knocking on wood, or other sounds.
You might have a feeling someone or something can read your mind or is
reading your mind or sensing your feelings or energies.
You might see odd things and spirits when you’re sleep deprived.
You might see a form out of the corner of your eye that looks like a
being and on closer inspection find it wasn’t.
Strange intuitions about something that may happen in the future.
Your mind or emotions might work differently than they ordinarily do
(means a spirit is influencing you).

Some people can mediate to find the spirits. Meditation may help, but
it also may hurt. Traditional meditation is based on the Hindu concept
of jhana (e.g. Buddhist) where you use your intellect to suppress all
but the most subtle of emotions. This helps concentration and also
blocks you from accessing only the most subtle levels of the astral
plane (the plane of thoughtform-based energy). The problem here is
these spirits are benevolent but not detached from everything enough to
dwell in those upper layers. What works best is to find them in dreams,
daydreams, and however you can make your mind more receptive.

Meditation blocks things out to focus on a single thing, so it is good
if it focuses toward the spirit and bad if it blocks the spirit to focus

The importance of spirit names

Spirits don’t have just one name. They have many. The name they like
to give out is a one of their public names and the normally just give
one out. They don’t give their secret names out unless they really
trust someone. If you know their secret name, you have power over them
and they don’t like that. If you have name of a spirit and that name is
common like Morrigan or even worse it’s made of English words then the
spirit made the name up fairly recently and it’s extremely public and
unconnected to them.

We try to give people older public names but we forget sometimes.

If you can, try to see if you can get a more personal name from the
spirit. You spend more time bonding than we did.

These spirits willingly help.

Some conjurers will forcibly bind a spirit to an item and force it to
grant wishes. Of course they have to use dark spirits for this because
a dark spirit is unethical and willing to forcibly rip and parasite
energy from anything. Oh yeah, organic life on this planet is
constantly generating energy the spirits can use and the spirits have to
get that energy from organic life, fighting other spirits, or
occasionally some stray packets of energy. Organic life is the best and
easiest source.

So as we were saying, the spirit is made of thoughtform energy.
Thoughtforms are meaning. The physical jewelry is made of geometric
energy. So the spirit can’t be bound to a ring by anything other than
thoughtforms. What happens is a spirit is bound by hypnosis thinking
it’s bound to the ring and forced to grant wishes. It’s sort of like
people so engrossed in a television show when the main character
experiences something, their mind replicates it. But these spirits get
someone else’s thoughforms put in their head, which are alien and hard
to control so they can’t just snap out of it.

Okay, and now thing is we don’t do it this way. We get you good spirits
who aren’t hypnotized. Good spirits that willingly help you. And by
the way, people come across spirits all the time, and if your life is in
a bad place, you might have bad spirits or dense detrimental thoughtform
energy clinging to you.

So what’s the jewelry for if the spirit isn’t hypnotized thinking it’s
trapped in it? It’s just a beacon to help the spirit find you, that’s it.

We’re going to make a vital point, please listen: People who work with
spirits do not need to send a physical item to send a spirit to you.
All they need is a sense of your thoughtforms from reading your writing,
usually with something recent and live such as a chatroom or recent
series of static messages. We suspect it’s because thoughtform energy
has its dimensions not based on geometry but based on thoughtforms so
just words can be picked up on, and usually fresh because energy decays.

If we’re confusing you with the term energy: In physics, energy is the
ability to do something. In quantum physics and spirituality,
everything is energy. Energy/Power is basically existence. So why
don’t we just have listings where we summon a spirit to find you without
shipping anything? Well, the item makes it work better than without
it–maybe the lock on your energy was going to the wrong place. Plus
one can’t sell something intangible like this.

The purpose of the jewelry.

Mainly it’s to help the spirit find you. When it does, you don’t need
the jewelry. Until then, the energy in the jewelry focuses the spirit
toward you.

But how do I know when the spirit found me? Now a lot of times people
buy these items because they have something calling them to a specific
spirit. People are drawn to a listing before they bid and inside know
the outcome that will happen deep down. If it’s genuinely to work with
the spirit the listing speaks of, then some feeling inside drew you to
it, a sense of knowing this spirit is the one.

Soo… as you’re drawn to the listing, reading it, you maybe feel some
sense of something. We don’t know, it could be a vision or sensation.
Even a sound, smell, or taste in your mouth. Something drew you to this
particular spirit. Essentially this is you having a psychic vision of
the spirit the listing spoke of. We’re not saying you have to be
psychic. Usually people who are psychic sense external thoughtform
energy better because they’re more sensitive to it. It’s kind of like
walking around barefoot–you feel the earth and anything sharp cuts you:
That’s a good analogy to what being psychic is.

You sort of just know it, perceive it. But it’s not a clear thing. We
apologize, this thing can’t be described well.

The thing is people vary and one method that works for one person won’t
work for another. For instance, some people who are sensitive to the
specific energies can feel a tingling on their skin when they wear the
item. Admittedly, seller could charge the item up with their energy to
encourage this, but then people connect to the seller’s energy and not
the spirit, and obviously this is not the right direction.

But if you focus on what you sense and already know of the spirit, this
will be the gateway.

Main Practices

The chief practice here is to focus on the feeling you get from the
spirit. This lets you get connected.

We find typically the spirits find the customer pretty quick and then go
about trying to communicate with them.

First thing first, belief.

Do you know of legends how the faeries need you to belief in them or
they die? These spirits are made of pure thoughts and telling them you
don’t believe in them is tantamount to killing them. They may avoid you
even. So what you need to do is to believe int he paranormal and
believe that the spirit you bought is real. It’s how it works on the
astral plane. It’s one of the reason why the spirits help willingly is
because the power of your belief. The spirits can’t get better food
than a person’s belief.

How do I know if I believe in the spirit? Working to believe in
something is less important than keeping an open mind. And you don’t
know you’ve believed in it enough until you’ve got patience to let the
spirit connect with you. The main practice is to keep working to
believe in it enough until you have patience to wait until it manifests.
The only indication of belief is patience. When people believe in a
being they worship, and their god doesn’t show up right away, they don’t
say “okay the god I worship doesn’t exist,” because belief creates
patience. The same is when you believe in an idea, like people who
believe in democracy don’t quit at the first sign of election trouble,
they persevere with patience. And lack of patience is lack of belief.

If someone is all, “I’ll give it a week and if I don’t see anything,
then it’s not real” that means they don’t believe in it. We choose
these spirits not because they’re full of energy, but because they have
the right nature. You need to allow your belief to nourish the spirit
so it can grow.

Second thing, psychic shields.

Psychic shields protect us from other people’s mental energies. They
also keep spirits out. Now spirits are telepathic and people naturally
don’t want another being reading their mind. So spirits have difficulty
connecting. Our spirits do not rip through shields. So try focusing on
the spirit when half asleep and your mind is open. Or put yourself into
an altered state. And then try to see and feel a barrier around you and
next visualize and feel it coming down and welcoming your spirits
in–practice this regularly. The goal is to do it for the spirit(s) you
want in and not every spirit.

If visualizing is too difficult, then it is best to keep a welcoming,
patient mindstate allowing the spirit to communicate and not pressuring it.

Third thing, when you have many spirits around you.

If you have multiple spirits, some compete for attention. And you may
not have bought a spirit, but had one follow you in your life. If
you’re really powerful like a politician, then you usually have an
entity using you.

If you want to know about negativity blocking spirits, here’s some

It could be just negative thoughtform energy. Maybe your life is very
unpleasant. Maybe you had trauma in the past, including a past
lifetime. Or maybe you have some source just throwing it on you like a
person or building. The positive spirit of our listing will keep trying
to chip through this if you keep working on focusing your attention on
it and believing.

More often than you would imagine, people have harmful spirits around
them. These things are not just around a person for no reason, they are
feeding on the person. This is actually common and it’s not a demon
possession, it’s parasites lingering and feeding on unhappy energy. The
ones that feed on positive energy run into contradictions because
harming people makes them unhappy but it happens sometimes.

If you have negative spirits around you, then remember how we said you
got a subtle sense of the positive spirit of the listing before you
bought? You also have a subtle sense of negative spirits and negative
clusters of thoughtform energy – it probably manifests as a feeling.
It could manifest as a vision, sound, smell, taste, too. This is
probably something you can figure out more easily than we can describe.
You need to try to get some other feeling to block the negative
feeling out. You’re not suppressing your own feelings, but repelling
foreign thoughtform energy. For an analogy, you go around some person
in real life that is negative and brings you down – if you keep your
mind away from their negativity, it protects you from them. If you can,
focus on the sense of the positive spirit in the listing you bought and
ask the spirit for help. Clearing out negative spells will take some
time depending on how long negative spirits or bad energies have been
around you.

Negative spirits and negative energies also influence the events of your
life. It will seem like fate/destiny in the weird way it happens. It’s
not fate/destiny, it just happens weird like that. The positive spirits
in our listings also will affect your life like that. But for the
negative influences in your life, when a bad event happens it’s often
some negative thoughtform energy surrounding it – even if
scientifically it can be explained away, often the negative thought
energy will just cause lapses of judgements of people and it will work
like that.

So now hopefully this all makes sense. You might want to reread it.