From mundane to a creature of magick - The evolution of my Altar

I would like to share with you the story and the evolution of my altar; from the mundane, ordinary, everyday object to a creature of dark magick.

Before my altar was transformed into a creature of dark magick and a dedication to Lucifer, lived it’s humble life of a small bedside cabinet, consisting if a drawer and a door.

This was cabinet at the beginning of it’s transformation and consecration. A two part Consecration Ritual involving the “killing” of the object and then at 3am “Resurrecting” the object.

The small bedside cabinet after being “killed” of it’s mundane life. This was the period of mourning which I meditated next to the cabinet to absorb the sombre energy after “killing” the cabinet.

After the mourning period, the cabinet was left for a while as it’s last bit of energy was drained into the room.

At 3am the small bedside cabinet was resurrected with magickal energy accompanied with an incantation to draw the magickal energy into the cabinet. An offering of my blood to bring it to life and to awaken the magickal energy it had absorbed.

The mundane transformed into a magickal creature; adorning it’s newly consecrated altar craft with dark energy imbued into it via a Consecration Ritual.

So it begins, my working altar, a magickal creature of dark energy and magick serving as a platform of dedication to Lucifer.

A sigil of Lucifer traced with my blood that was used in the ritual “Deeper Bond with Lucifer.”

My personal gift to Lucifer. A hand drawn sigil of Lucifer which took about an hour and was created with love, energy and pure intent.

An offering of Lucifer’s favourite crystals (Clear quartz, Carnelian, Garnet, Black Onyx and Amethyst)

Adding the offerings for Lucifer; each of those absorbing the dark energy from the creature of magick and it’s regalia of darkness

An offering to Lucifer of his favourite fruit

Another offering, a small glass of Rum, one of his favourite drinks.

My altar and dedication to Lucifer slowly building and over time will become more elaborate.

I decorated my altar with magickal tools that were charged in their own consecration ritual.

This image of Lucifer is depicting one of his aspects. Lucifer requested that an image of one of his apects be placed on the altar after I asked him what else he would like to see on there after I invoked him one night.

My altar undertakes some upgrades as my dedication and my bond to Lucifer increases.

A Crystal Grid that I created to aid me with Astral Projection and to help me develop my psychic awareness and abilities.

Another gift I bought Lucifer that was made for me by a friend.

My altar as it is now. Fully decorated and dedicated to Lucifer. My pride and joy and it has been a labour of love in creating my altar. The next upgrade is going to be even more elaborate. :metal:


Beautiful altar! I honestly wish i could have an elaborate one but its hard enough to when sharing a household

Thanks. I can imagine it would be, but you could always create a mini travel altar and perform your rituals outside

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