Frog Demon/Deity of wealth?

In my last two to three days in my daily deep meditation and wealth ritual sessions.

There have been often unto 8 times manifestation of audiotory voices of a frog like being. It jumps in and out of my being and interacted with me more solidly in my spiritual endevours.

I have vaguely a idea that there are wealth demons and deitys of wealth that are related to these mentioned atributes but have no idea what names they have where i can find them and the information to work with them properly.

I would highly apreciate it if, you are reading this guide me to the right track to these beings.

Thank you in advance


Baal is both connected to frogs and wealth. But in general, frogs are associated with wealth.


The male ancient Egyptian primordial gods were described as frogs. Amun is one of them.



The egyptian god Kek.

he is not a demon, but he is related to them.

As far as I’ve seen, most of his avatars are frogs.

He is quite evolved. I’m sure he’d be able to bring you wealth, if he wanted to. He might, i don’t know.


Hey yall.

I Apreciate all of you and your responces and have taken all of it into my consideration and study.

I personally see it that it could be most likely baal. Bc i worked a C. Kendalls ritual working in compendium of satan where i invoke the forces of all nine. And a meditation of his, on youtube in wich you are condensing trough outer darkness the abilitys and powers of the nine into you.

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Surely Bael

Bael jagat croohot
ayer secore on ca Bael

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