Friends with benefits: Reborn


I’m in :relaxed:

My request: Financial and career success


I’m in. I can only really do energy related things


My request: for my YouTube channel to succeed.


I will join, who is going first?

My request: to make a specific person fall in love with me.


I’m in. Let me know where I can help. I work with evocations (mostly Goetia and some other demons), candle magic, Umbanda, Candomblé rituals (my origins), and another few stuff.

My request: going to a specific Japanese university next year (by being approved and having money for that or getting a scholarship).


Everyone, the Deadline has been reached. If you have not submitted your goal, do so NOW. We will start January 20th. That gives all of you the time you need to gather materials, arrange things, etc.

I will have the schedule arranged soon.


I never said what my goal is did I my goal is to get a nice new vehicle car, truck, doesn’t matter as long as it runs.


I’d like to join. I could use the practice :slight_smile:

My goal, if it hasn’t already been attained by the time my date rolls around, is to bring back a lost love. This will be updated if necessary by that time depending on progress with the situation.

I do candle magic and evocations with goetia and others


Hmmm. I might have to change my goal if I haven’t gotten the YouTube channel up :sweat_smile:


The Deadline to join has already been reached.


Wouldn’t that mean it’s a few days from now?

“this” Wednesday would have meant Wednesday 1/2, considering you said that two Fridays ago, right?

“next” Wednesday would be 1/9, a few days from now


Dont you mean the post that days next Wednesday from 9 days ago?


That was around last Thursday, counting backwards from today… so Wednesday already passed


9 days ago = Friday 12/28

“This” Wednesday from that point =Wednesday 1/2

“Next” Wednesday from that point = Wednesday 1/9

I know it was just an error in the wording, but I think it’s only fair to let in the last two :slight_smile:


So… Can I be in? :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s fine. To be honest it’s not like I’ve finished the schedule for it anyways. It’s the beginning of the year for crying out loud, two people wont kill it.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I didn’t tell the details but the deadline for the appliance on the university ends in April (15, if I’m right). The classes start in September.

I don’t know if you consider this important at some point, but I forgot to mention this earlier. :sweat_smile:


oh i did not leave my goal either.
well it is to get a specific person back(my girl) in my life, in a relationship and remove the influences and thoughts planted by others.


i believe the details will be properly discussed in the message thread once it has been created :slight_smile: