Friends with benefits: Reborn




I would like to join as well! My request is to return my children’s mother home, to love and never again leave us.


That’s fine.

No more individuals. Hes the last one. I’m trying to keep this short.


I am also a new magician that would like to join. If someone drops from the group, can I please be next in line? I need all the help I can get, but I am also willing to put in the work for others. Thank you all in advance and I wish you all the best of both luck and magic if I am not able to join you guys.


When are we starting this up?


The 20th. Gives people time to prep


Good news is there’s only around 11 of you so it won’t take that long.


I just saw this thread. Have I missed the deadline to join?


You did


This is really cool. I’d love to be part of it.


@Lady_Eva please lock this.


Starting today?


Yes. Ill be posting the schedule sometime today or tonight. I’ve got a busy day. It’s also the blood moon which I didn’t see coming. But it will happen.


If anything, I’ll probably just keep it here rather than PM since @Lady_Eva never locked it.

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Soz, your @ must’ve got buried, PM me if you want it unlocked. :+1: