Friendly Reminder...Don't forget to top off your curses!

Summer’s here (at least here in the States it is), the pandemic seems to be dwindling down, things are looking up, right?

Maybe…but I still want justice, and I refuse to let external pleasantries dilute my anger, revenge, and need for justice.

After getting stabbed in the back multiple times by someone I work with, (it’s complicated and I’ve written about it ad nauseam here) I turned to Gordon Winterfeld’s master curse in Magickal Attack back in early November.

With work in the virtual setting back then, I really had no concrete way of checking the results. After we returned to work, she was a little too fucking happy for the baneful part(s) of my personality.

So, I decided to top off the curse and run it again for 12 days in the middle of May. Well, she walked by me and my friends today outside of the building. Here’s what I saw:

  1. Her head was down and she was hunched over.

  2. She didn’t make eye contact with any of us. (she’s still somewhat friendly with my friends, so we thought - so this was big)

  3. She was pail and her complexion was pasty

  4. She had dark clumps of ugly zits on both cheeks

  5. Circles under her eyes

  6. And the best- she’s gained weight- a lot. Her arms were enormous and puffy- like marsh mellows.

The demons I called on from GW’s master curse are Shaz, Sabnock, Raum, and Glasya Labolas. They are all delivering!
But I added a few things. First, I called on King Vine (he likes it pronounced Veeneh) to destroy her walls of security and protection before I ran the curse.
Second, I used my astral training and Duke Valefar to drain this target of her blood and life force. We fed over several days, and we’re gonna feed more this weekend.

That’s all for now…out to enjoy some sunshine!


Unholy shit 12 days in a row ??? Thats potent dude

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Delightful!!! I plan on starting mine tonight actually & I can’t wait to see how it will manifest.


When I did it the first time back in November, I was angry - maybe a little too angry to curse, if that’s possible? This time, it’s been fun to watch they’re a good group of demons to call on for this. My props to Winterfeld for putting it together. Though sandwiching the curse between Vine and Valefar was a stroke of accidental brilliance on my part :rofl:


Congratulations! :clap::clap::clap::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

This is gold! I just may need to top up or redo the one I did last January…either way, bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!