Fresh Reinstall In Your Brain

A concept that came up for me recently was, if you view your mind, beliefs, and basic attitude, as an operating system (within which other programs: mental functions and capabilities, real-time reactions to events, and the emotions which spring from them, run) - if you had the choice to do a fresh installation, what would that look like?

What fucked up or out-of-date code would you remove?

For example, “indexing” that clogs things up, trying to link things with reference to other things that are actually not related? Updates that automatically download and install other value-sets, that you don’t want?

And what would you add? To use Wikpedia’s definition:

“An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs usually require an operating system to function.”

What management changes would you make, and how would that change applications (aforementioned “mental functions and capabilities, real-time reactions to events, and the emotions which spring from them”) and their permissions, and access to resources?

Are you happy with how the old OS runs your hardware (physical tension, stress, etc) - if not, what would you change, and how would you manage that change in the face of the same challenges, and with no option to revert to the old OS?

Stuff like that. :slight_smile:

And, then - reasons to reject this model, given that it’s just a theory, a thought-experiment - reasons you may want to hang onto things that this model identifies as “bad coding” and externally-imposed malware, etc…

Thoughts, anyone?

I would probably change my coding for emotions a bit. The ability to suppress them better without repercussions in the future, you know those mental breakdowns that we all tend to have eventually after suppressing our emotions for a prolonged period of time.

I would also change my tendancy to get distracted so i could be more focused on one or two projects at a time. I tend to work on several projects at onceand juggle too many things because I have so many hobbies I can’t pick just one. My brain needs to have new content to focus on or I get easily bored. This is a good thing when it comes to learning as I am always studying new things but sometimes this can be a hinderance to getting things accomplished quickly.

As for mistakes, as crazy as it may seem, I wouldn’t tweak my human tendancy to make mistakes too much because sometimes, we need mistakes in order to learn from them. Mistakes can be that one thing that finally whips us into gear and gets us to not repeat our errors again.

I’ve worked with exactly this when a psychological modification is necessary for the past five years. I’m surprised, mainly because I didn’t think anyone else did/was thinking of doing something like this.

For me, it helps to see the code as something you can pull out of the brain like a corpse from a drawer. The “settling” process usually takes a few days, but then it integrates seamlessly.

What I do:

  1. Go into a meditative state.
  2. Visualize myself, and see the lines of code in the brain.
  3. Intend to find the target code, find it, and then either disintegrate it in the vision or throw it somewhere, usually in a trash bin.
  4. Make a new line of code for a replacement behavior, and intend it to integrate with the rest of the brain.
  5. Breathe out in vision and physically at the same time, and see the code attach to the other parts of the brain.

Already have been.

Not sure whether to consider it a Transformation or a Reformat. Im not in this phase yet but more in the thinking what I actually want phased. I wouldnt say I am getting rid of the old. I would be extracting only the things that are important and then rebuilding the foundation into something I like.

  1. Super User - no more Free for Alls. Create a Member Access system so it can be regulated (much like a club). So I would naturally have myself, then my family (blood family) inner circle, then friends and Lovers, then others on a far outer ring that may be considered a spiritual family. This will help streamline the process and organize it so it is more useful and better things can be done.

  2. Re-Work the Indexing. It isnt a Bad thing. I have a somewhat working knowledge of its processes and its actually a great informational gathering tool. But upgrades need to be in place to say direct where said information travels, etc. Qdd some form of restrictions or Filters so it doesnt go 24/7.

  3. Boundries - restrictions…walls are needed in any system so that information doesnt get jumbled up and confused. This allows organization and seperation of ideas so one can focus. Besides I plan to have my own kittle council.

  4. Council Helpers - I am very leery of what is called “help.” in this version I DEFINE the word help. Lol. Its a different A.I. where it is only a CAN DO solution engine…it does not bother with perceived negatives or contrary alternatives…it only focuses on my Intent/desire…generates solutions/information…which become useful for creating True Paths i. What I call “Quantum Branching.” Im more interested in how an idea I find desireable how many possibilities of good nature I cam extract out of it.

  5. Super Focus - there this would be something put in place (berserker levels even) where I become Super Fixated on my desires. Since I am not particularly interested in certain things (alot of annoying influences) I would rather just Tune them out to the point of completely collapsing them from my reality (awareness…selective experiencing). This would be my Godpower…using the power of selfishness productively where it is all ABOUT ME being MORE SPECIAL (lol) because really the only important thing is focusing on my goals and only what in interested in and no nonsense. In this special power of the Mind all unimportant things would be cast to the wayside to basically disappear.

I need to change a LOT of my coding. I constantly struggle with determing what way of life is best for me and I cannot seem to settle or calm down into somewhere that brings me peace. Too worrisome, too stressed out, too emotional with things.

A lot of good has come from my percieved shortcomings, however, so I do not know if I would do a total reset. I would change a lot, though. I would first want to find peace with myself and become comfortable with who I am. I would then want to develop a thicker and CONSISTENT backbone (I need to stop changing so dramatically with my views so much) and a better understanding of others in general.

If my mind were an operating system I would say that there are a lot of viruses still in it. I’ve rid myself of a lot of them, but I may need to call the GeekSquad out for this one :wink:

I would decouple thoughts and emotions as falsely percieved aspects of my self identity/being, and instead view them as adjunct tools like my hands or eyes, sources of information to consider, rather than attachments that obscure my awareness, forcing my attention into habitual channels.