Frequency of calling the same Spirit

I’m starting a fresh relationship with a Presidential Spirit and I’m not even really consistent in my human relationships🤷🏿‍♂️…
I’ve done the research down to the point of the day of the week that I believe I should call upon the President, and I want to give him space to carry out my requests, so I’ll only make requests on that day of the week. I do not believe that I should go into this with a laundry list per ritual though, so I’m thinking I’d do separate rituals throughout the day so that I can fully focus on communicating the emotion of each request being made to the same Spirit.

Thoughts?? Any advice is welcome!! TIA💌

P.S. I’m just starting to attempt meditation as well…

Everyone does things differently. That being said, I come to my spirits with an individual request and then let them work until I either see results, or the request wasn’t met in the time frame I gave them. With a few spirits, I’ll give them a request and then just call on them for simple things here and there while waiting for results.


I didn’t think about giving it a time frame because I didn’t want the demand to be disrespectful. And I’m expecting the relationship to grow, so I didn’t want to “get off on the wrong foot” so to speak…
I appreciate the prompt response! Have me time to retool tonight’s ritual.

Anybody already in a good relationship with President Foras, put in a good word for me :pray:t6:

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