Freezer Spell on yourself?

How would that work? Would you get kicked out of your body or removed from yourself? Asking this I am already doubting no one had done it so maybe i’ll try it haha.

If a freezer spell is what I think it is, then it is a curse that is designed to get someone to stop doing something. In this case it would be like a self curse, which is very effective to break bad habits. Jason Miller goes over using planetary energies (Saturn and Mars) to in esense curse yourself to break a habit in his book “Advanced Planetary Magic”.

If you are looking to stop a habit (say spending too much money) then a freezer spell could do the trick. I would ask -TWF- about freezer spells, I have seen him talk about it here before.

There are different ways to go about a freezer spell depending on what you want to do. In the example of breaking a bad habit (or making someone not only leave you alone but go away as well) I would do the spell as follows.

Write out the habits name like this (I’ll use smoking as I need to quit but love those damn things so much.)

This is to diminish the habits influence or to make it leave. Next roll the paper up like a tube, wrap the tube with thread saying each time you wrap it something to the effect of “go away and don’t come back”. Place the bound tube into some water like a bowl or half filled plastic bottle , you can add some of your urine if you wish ( that’s to control something). Place this in the freezer and forget about doing it, if you can place it somewhere it won’t be seen in the freezer.


What about burning it instead of freezing it?

Then that would not be a freezer spell now would it? :wink:

Dat logic.

How might I bring someone back here? Not love or anything, but just want someone to move back where I live.

Depends on how you want to go about doing it. Are you looking for spells or spirit work?

I’ll go with both.

You could use moving candle spells, lodestones, contagion magick if you know where they live or work.

As far as spirits you could work with Saint Expedite or Saint Anthony (if you don’t know where they are.) Agares and Gusion are two Goetics who can perform a task like this.

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Awesome. I better start learning evocation now. Do you have their sigila or know where I can find them?

The Goetia has the sigils for the demons. There are no sigils for Saints, you petition and pray to them. A quick google search will give you the novenas for the Saints. Just follow the instructions, its not difficult to perform the prayers. Like any other spirit make sure whatever you say you’ll do as payment or reward for the work you hold up your end if they come through on theirs.

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Be careful - 2 years ago I tried used a curse to rid myself of a particular bad habit, and ended up making myself so physically ill I could no longer do the, erm, thing… I’m too embarrassed to post more, but basically I did do this and it really backfired, it was like that story “The Monkey’s Paw” or any morality tale where messing with dark forces gets you what you asked for, but in the worst way possible.

You’d do better to build UP your willpower and find positive habits to replace the thing you want rid of, what happened to me could have been actually fatal and it was one of the biggest magickal mistakes I ever made.

My analysis of it is, that cursing is a “get this done by any means possible” modality and therefore any weakness, for example a physical thing, will be activated and exploited to make you stop the behaviour. Steer WELL clear is my strongest possible advice!!

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Needed! Thank you!