Free Tarot!

Get ya fortune read!
Just tell me if it’s okay to read anonymously on a stream.


Yeah cool, I’d appreciate it.

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One of love , if i get in a relationship with the person i am i interested thanks a lot :hugs::hugs:

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If you wait patiently.


I’d love one too. I am looking for answers about my legal stuff and financial if I may ask.

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Please can I have a reading? Will the thing I’m working on for fun atm be successful if I share it?

Can you please give me a reading?
I would like to know if there is any hope I might get in a relationship with someone

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I’d like a love reading, please.

I would love a reading about me and my love

One about money please! Financial issues! Thank you!

I would like one too on love please :pray:

I would like one too,

I’d like one about shadow work, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like a financial Reading please

One about success please.

I’d appreciate a general one

Please, I would love to as well! I want a reading about me and Asmodeus, if you would please🥺 We are really close but he has told me som e things and I want to make sure that it wasn’t my fantasy. (Cause I’m an overthinking being) And I feel he got a bit upset or sad with my overthinking, but I also feel that me and him…Have a past. Or me and my soulmate have a past and his goal is to bring us close again…But at the same time, sometimes I feel that he is my soulmate, but that can’t be real as he’s an entity and he can’t incarnate here, right? (He did tell me tho that he either incarnate here a part of him or he will bring to me a person that has him as a patron as well. But sometimes I get confused if he’s talking to me or the higher self of my soulmate)

Why isn’t persone I’ve been waiting to text message me ?

I would like love reading@Alazif

I am interested :slight_smile: you were on spot the last time. Can I pm you?