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This is…wow. Lots to meditate on and consider.

This in particular strikes a cord as I do feel like there is something/someone trying to get my attention.

Yes. 100%. Good catch.

This very much agrees with a read I got from @Micah a while back.

Amazing reading, @Tattersail. You picked up on some things that other readers have, as well as somethings I try to keep hidden that no one else knows. Excellent job. Thank you so much!


Can i have a general reading? Thanks


im gonna assume you want general reading then


Present time you are feeling misunderstood by people around you. You need to purify and bring balance to yourself. Some of your habit side tracking you from your dreams and goals, yet a voice inside you keep begging for your attention. When you break from this cycle you will be able to overcome your challanges and progress into your goal. This will be a povital point on your personal growth as it will affect the future. Decide between comfort or progression. It seems to the cards that you’re the kind of person who work fully until the final task, and then hit a point where you’re tired and start slacking/giving up and ended up dropping the project. It is adviced to balance your ego by looking at ourself in the mirror. Let the dragon guide you. Your biggest fear is the truth or any prophetic stuff. Deer card indicates a celebration is near.


I just saw this. Thank you!! And you’re right about giving up at the last minute :cold_sweat: it’s a very bad habit and I’ve been struggling abit with work :disappointed_relieved: this reading came at the right time and it kinda gave me motivation to push on. Thanks again :hugs:


are you still doing readings? im pretty new here

if you could, i need to kmow if something is drawn to me or trying to get my attention


Welcome to the forum, @Crimson. Please take a moment to go to our New Magician section and post an introduction, to tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. it is a rule here.


ok thanks


Heyyyy, should I tell you my real name? If dont then my question is 1. Do I have guardian spirit who protect/follow me? 2. Is next year will be my year? I mean for my career and love life?



Guys, this thread is over a month old. I don’t think the OP is doing readings anymore.


I’m going to close it for now, @Tattersail PM me if you want it opened again. :+1: