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Celtic Cross Limited 10 card Spread
This card is signifier.Number: 16 Name: The Star
This card crosses the signifier.Number: 75 Name: Eight of Disks
This card is above me.Number: 57 Name: Ten of Wands
This card is below me.Number: 7 Name: Strength
This card is behind me.Number: 59 Name: Two of Cups
This card is in front of me.Number: 76 Name: Nine of Disks
This card shows where I am at.Number: 68 Name: Ace of Disks
This shows what other see.Number: 74 Name: Seven of Disks
This card shows my hopes and fears.Number: 34 Name: King of Wands
This card shows the final outcome.Number: 63 Name: Six of Cups

I’m definitely getting that feeling of burnout and lack of connection, and partnership. There is this question of how to move forward, but basically it boils down to this: go back to what works.

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Thanks for reading👍

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Thanks a lot mate, yes i do learn this type of magick to become profesional and selling services. If you live in my country then its swiming or sinking when you provide such a services

Any advice what should I do then…

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Damn thanks for the reading man! You couldn’t have been more accurate

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I’d love a reading if you’re still doing them

I would be delighted to have a reading. Please msg me when ready.

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very helpful and accurate

Awesome. I’d like a one please!

May I please have a reading? Thank you so much

I would love to have a reading by you. Thank you :grin:

I would love a reading too.