Free Tarot Readings

So, recently I have decided to get back into the tarot. I always use it as a form of divination before I evoke someone new and just for general questions, but I would like to hone my reading skills.
I use a software program that I wrote (I will post a link to the source code for it later after I get it a bit more cleaned up.) I’ve also started designing my second tarot deck.
I will do a maximum of three readings per person this week, no more than two readings on any given question (one reading, and then a second one if you need clarification)


I take the first seat :smiley:

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Hey thanks for offering this Jastiv, I’ll take the second seat.

I need one please.

I would like a reading as well regarding love. Thank you!

I’ll take one please

I’ll take one

May I have one reading please

I’d like a reading on love and money.

Am I too late to ask for one?

I’ve been asking for one for a good while lol

May I have one?

May I have one with the question and focus being wealth?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Could I have a love one pls? Thank you :slight_smile:

Me too pls :pray:t2:

Too little too late to the party … guess I’ll line up for next week

I would really appreciate one thanks :heart:

If it’s still available, my I please get a reading?

I really need a seat. Still available?

If it is still available I would like one too!