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BPD is a rough one. Just stay strong, and remember that she will always love you.

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I need to sleep. I’ll be back tomorrow. It was great meeting you all!


@Alazif I never doubted her love, she incarnated within months of me, and we are one and the same. I used to suffer from an inherited alcoholism mutation, but having to care for her when another entity takes the wheel was enough to ensure your always prepared. I know self-love well, so much I can love her in the moments she is incapable of loving herself. She is the reason I am strong, she showed me early my power, and I will be my moons strength so we can return home, a paradisian sun will rise. Lifetimes in the making, in return for lifetimes of creation.

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Yep you can go in blind :+1:
Much appreciated :blush:

I would like to have one. Thanks!

Welcome @Ray Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum and required.


I need help. I need help with three things.
I’ll pm you the details.

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if this is still open id like one, on the subject of building a solid foundation for life please.

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May I have one? I am trying to see why getting money is becoming an obstacle.

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Where do I go next?

Do you still do free readings? If so I would like one in pm! :slight_smile:

I want to know about my immigration result thanks

You’ve come to the right place. You will find the power to make your purpose as nature. What is your purpose though? Do you already know it, or is that another thing you will find here?

i’d like to get one, if it is possible ofc. If not, don’t worry!
pm pls

Could I have a general one pls?

I started my swim coaching career a year ago but now I feel that I’m slowly losing my motivation as the time goes by. Losing my sense of purpose or rather I don’t know my purpose now. I’ve always wanted to travel out of town but i can’t seem to let go what I’ve now. Need some guidance.

Much appreciated

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XVI Tower
In your search for purpose, beware your hubris.

XI Justice
You must discipline yourself to be the master of your own order. Start out with just yourself, your mind, and then your environment. Think of it as a circle spreading in size, but beware spreading your circle too wide too soon, or you will be too strained to maintain order at the center.

IX Hermit
You need to put yourself out there more. Your cave is full of riches; you just need to find out who’s buying.

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