Free tarot reading and numerology first 10 BALG members - month April

Dear Left Hand Path Friends, I love tarot and have more than 30 decks including rare ones :). I am quite happy to continue contributing to the left hand path community. First 10 people contact me I do free reading on one question or topic. Please consider to have a specific question, and those who would like to have in depth with numerology reading added need to provide your first name (the one you are called always) and Date Of Birth (D/M/Y)-all is confidential, of course. Cheers, Relick



count me in :v:t4:

Could I have one?

Me! What the heck is going on with people leaving me/treating me bad.

I’ll take one.

May I have one?

Hello my question , what it’s my soul purpose thanks a lot

:cherry_blossom: Sent a pm :cherry_blossom:

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May i have one please

I’d like one if still possible. Thanks!


I’d like one of you’re still doing it!

Hey! The azazel pact I made, how is it going to end? And can I stop it? Thanks so much I really need some direction on this.

I would like one please!

I know I’m a little late but this is genuinely driving me crazy. It would mean the world to me if you could help me get some direction on this.

I have sent you a PM. Thank you

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If this is still open, id love to have one, please.