Free readings

I’m offering free readings again. One question per person.

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Would like a free reading…

I’d love a reading as well if I can :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reading Mider. Part of the reading was quite spot on while another was not so much - perhaps more to do with the phrasing of my question than your reading. At the very least you have given me something to think about.

i’d love a free reading if you’re still offering.

“which form of magick am i best suited too?”

My reading from Mider was sooo accurate I thought I had said more details in my question to make Mider know so much!

i would love a reading if available. id like a general reading though.

well…my reading was spot on, thank you!!!

I think im about 5 years to late but is this still available?

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The person doing the readings was banned good sir


he turned it into a sales pitch, why not just post your site on profile

i get the sales pitch but what do you mean by

i think you can post the site where you have your occult workings on your personal profile here

oh ok that makes more sense. Thanks

He will come back in 2230