Free Readings (max 2) LIMITED TIME 10 to 12 mins for questions please read instructions [CLOSED]

Hi :slight_smile:

this again, i will pm you, write pm on here, unless you want your answer out on thread

also, only question i will not answer is that based on your personal spiritual or magick journey involving a Being, because id rather not


Okay I can take a seat if you would like, :smiley: thank you.

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sure, here? or in pm?

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Pm would be better :smiley:

alright shoot

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also, 2 people done, thread closed

oh by the way, can you close thread?

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I can edit it at least.


oh, ok, so only ladyeva can close then?

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Yes, @Lady_Eva can you put a lock on this thread? Thank you.

@Lady_Eva please close thread when you can, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Closed already ? You got one in the pm ?