Free Prosperity ritual for wealth/Job/Business/Housing. Only 3 slots

Will Do rituals to 3 people here. Anything regarding increase in Business, getting a job, getting promotion, getting housing or being able to buy new property or vehicle. If interested, let me know. ( will need UR name and DOB via PM ). Should be something whose result you can get within 30 days. If you have a promotion possibility on November or planning to buy property next year better to wait for some time.

I will be a bit discreet choosing, want to make sure doing this for someone who will likely stay for another month and provide me the feedback.


Can I? I will be glad if you can help me. Thank you.

Hey whats up bud? I could use a little help with job. I hate mine and need something better. Need another door to open, something better. Ill check this on my break and say more if youre down to help out.

My big thing is my SSI hearing, but it’s not til October, so I assume I’ll need to wait?

Yeah id take some help

Give a bit more details regarding the problem, buddy. If not comfortable sharing here, PM me.

OK, One IN.

Give a bit more details regarding the problem, buddy. If not comfortable sharing here, PM me.

I could just use some extra income. I work a salaried job so I can make any more money than my current salary

I have PM’d you in detail now.
Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you!

I could really use the help given my situation can explain more in private if needed.


Any more place left for me?
Thanks and cheers

Me ?

2 IN. One to GO

Hey man i lost everything in my last relationship. We were together up until the day she left with another man. Im really trying to improve myself and find my self worth again.

Help would be appreciated.

Peace to you friend🙏

Interested in hearing the feedback. Kudos to @Goku for offering services.

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I know I missed it, but I’d be interested if you ever decide to do this again.

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All 3 IN and Closed.

Sorry I just saw you closed this. Forgive my failure to read all the way through your thread.

Good vibes to you Goku

I know i didnt send details or anything but got the job i wanted! Thank you for assisting. I start tomorrow xD