Free help for you!

Hey guys! I was in an energetic funk for some time, which I’ve finally recovered from. I started working a lot on harder on myself when I felt how weak my spells felt during the last round of FWB.

So long story short, if you need a little help or a simple work sent your way, I could use the workout.


are you able to pm

I would love to get some extra energy sent my way :stuck_out_tongue:

I could certainly use some energy sent my way since I’m not even entirely certain what I should be doing right now

Could you elaborate? What kind of work do you mean?

Sure why not. Some positive energy is always good.

Yo if you could send a little lust energy for my personal use that woul be cool

What exactly can you help with

I certainly could do with any help at all

Got about a months worth of requests in! Can’t wait to begin tonight. I am going to serve you guys in the order of request. I will PM each of you before I start to discuss what I can do for you and get a connection :blush:


I’d like the help if you’re still accepting requests.

I will send you energy tonight. I’m going to try something new, so pm me tomorrow and let me know how you feel!

Ux Pm me!

Hi please pm me

I would like to have my ex girlfriend back. thank you

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Cool. PM me when you’re able.

Could you help me with my relationships?. Thank you

I’m from Brazil and I’m a beginner could you help me attract women?

Hey. I’m always down for someone to send me energy when you have the time.:grin::grin::grin:

I just need help in General I need more Spirit more kindness I just want more in everything money,love,sex life, because honestly I’m a no body but tbh my life changed a lot when I let god in my life and god as in Lucifer god of this planet and everything Above it when I let him in he gave me more he gave me power but I need help from my demons pls even a little will help thank u hell satan!.

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