Free Hellfire Dragons (Draconic Demons)

I am willing to make 5 of these beloved dragons for free. Keep in mind I am Lucifer possessed so they should come stronger than usual. Be warned due to the nature of attacks on the forum I will program them to self destruct should you try to use them against a forum member. (Meaning they’ll basically just kill themselves instead of carrying out your command to hurt another forum member, they won’t hurt you, just themselves)


I’m in

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Sorry I love making dragons :stuck_out_tongue: it’s always chaotic lol, just pm me what you want programed

Tell me more

Also, to be specific if a forum member were to attack you, the Draconic demon (or demonic dragon whatever you wanna call it) would protect you but it won’t actually attack the forum member, itd just work to keep you alive essentially.


Well what’d you want to know?

Instructions on how to work with it.

Oh. Basically when i create it I give it a name, a specific intent (or program, in which will dictate what it’d be employed for, for example say you wanted a spirit to get you money, I’d program it to specialize in that area) and a sigil along with a key phrase that allows you to control it. You’d summon it, say the key phrase and then send it to task when you need it to do something for you.


Basically like any other spirit except this will obey your every command except in this case attack another forum member

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Love dragons! I’ll take one :heart_eyes:


2 suicidal hellfire dragons left lol

Just pm me what you’d like

So could you please explain this a bit more. I don’t think I follow. Sounds great, but don’t get me wrong, free dragons sound too good to be true.

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Ok what doesn’t make sense

What sort of entities are they? what is their time span? What is the feeling of recognition? Do they require anything from their bearer?

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They’re basically half demon half dragon hybrids. I coined the name hellfire dragon because it just felt wierd saying free demon dragon hybrids so I picked a self explanatory term thus hellfire dragon. Tis rather self explanatory and kind of cool. But the do indeed like up to the name.

As long as you want. However if you try to use them against a forum member they’ll cease to exist at the dragon belonging to the attacker will.

Feeling of recognition?

Just that they have the adequate attention and are fed really

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It’s my first-time willfully receiving entities, but hell, I’ll give it a go.


I don’t know why but I’m so freaking excited!!!

All spots have been taken


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Before I forget but what do you feed them and how often?

I answered you in PM’s