Free energy for anyone who wants it ⚡️

BRO!!! Ok so yeah. That meditation helped me a shit ton. So i had my first really successful meditation event last night. I did a 30 minute guided kundalini meditation. totally breath taking!! i made it about 15-20 min into the total 30 min event. i brought myself out of it worrying if my wife comes in and fines me lurched over my legs in a complete trance. I found i was doing the movements of the meditation seconds before the audio instructor would tell me what to do. It also helped me break my mental block that was keeping me from hearing Lucifer. TYSVVVVVVVVM!


Can I request for some energy today pls.
I would want to feel positive…or probably open my third eye energy.
Pls do let me know.

Dude, it’s cool that you’re doing this for people. Seems like you have an over abundance of energy, it’s amazing that you can send it out to people like this. I’m still just working on meditation and struggle with the whole energy aspect of it.

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Hey! I would love some of your energy to open my 3rd eye if you have time. Thanks!

Oh and can you help me hear spirits?

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man i am struggling my ass off too with meditation. i took everyones advice and used. a guided meditation app/youtube Vid. I totally lost my body in the trance of meditation. it was fucking wild and blissful as fuuuuuck!

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Lol I’m really happy that you finally got it tho! I get it for little moments at a time, but then my mind takes over and it’s super hard to get back into it. What video did you use if you don’t mind me asking? I tried a hypnosis one last night that I actually felt helped a lot

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I would love some free energy for my 3rd eye. Something that would clear and empower it. Thank you!

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Here is the URL to the video.

I didnt feel anything other than what i get through normal breathing exercises untill it got to the point where it had me visualizing my brain and eyes and whatnot inside my head. Once that started the trance hit me like a ton of bricks. i felt my jaw losen and fall all the damn way open and three seconds later the recording told me to relax my jaw. the overhead fan breeze was enough to make my body start to sway back and forth which helped push me in deeper and deeper. It was great i was able to start cleaning and opening all my chakra down to my heart chakra. hoping to get further and further with each experiences. I realsed once i was done that my foot that was hurting in the begining was throbbing now. But i felt none of those sensations while i was in my trance.


Damn. That is really really cool dude! How long have you been working on it? I’m definitely gonna try that tonight, i’ll Let ya know how it goes. When I did my video last night I didn’t necessarily get into a deep trance but people here talk about the sort of head change you feel when you go into Alpha or theta, and I felt that. Really simple method too, sad I didn’t find it before lol

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Man i havent been doing meditation but for maybe a few weeks. That really was my first time of being able to block out all other sensations or atleast ignore them as i felt them instead of instant attention when a fly walks across my arm hair lol.

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Sure. That’d be great! Some sexual energy and calm would be epic. Thanks for sharing

Lol I feel that. I’m living with a parent and sibling for a lil while and distraction free time, or at least actual privacy is kinda lacking… I felt that head change last night tho, and a week and a half back I hit it after trying to contact dantalion thru sigil, had a couple of good dreams after that night too!

Hi @Asorotiath
May I have energy to raise my kunda force

Hey @Asorotiath being that I have a desire to get better at energy healing (and more importantly someone who could really use it) is there a place you could point me to so I can continue practicing and growing my abilities. Being largely self taught I’d really appreciate even just some tips for improvement overall and sending energy (specifically love and healing) to someone remotely.

P.S. I really love to see people doing things like this, it warms my heart. So a second thanks for brightening my day.

Can I get some energy for calmness?

Welcome @Walker. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

I’m interested

I am also interested, I lack mental and emotional energy, because I live in bad envirenment, which is draining my energy. I am working from morning to morning hours everyday. If its still available, I will be happy fir support :sunny::black_heart:.

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I could definitely use some kind of warm grounding stable energy the kind that helps you make decisions with convinctions and gain insight on what you need to do. But anything is appreciated. Kind of you to put this type of service out there

Can i have some too. I’ve been working with spirit, sometime i can sense em sometime i cant, I’ve working with King Paimon also, its really strugling for me to “hear” him through my mind

If you dont mind, can you open my 3rd eye

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