Free Dragon Tarot Reading [2/2] Closed

I will be doing two free readings for y’all. Please be specific with your questions and thank you for your patience with my slow card spreading skills :joy:


Question in public or private?

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I would like one. What should I expect by tye end of the summer?

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Actually both. I’ve just decided I wouldn’t care either way lol

That sounds like a question I need to ask myself tbh.

Would you still like a reading or no?

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PM sent

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I’ll take onne

I will take one. In sept. Is a book fair will it be succes, ?its pagan fest everyone ne there selling goods, just wonder, i have hundres of books,

Thanks, but do you have any input about it?

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I dont besides sending you the booklet meaning. It’s all up to your interpretation of it

Sorry for late reply. Work and other