Free candles!

I have extra candles I have been hoarding for over a year, and magickal oils that I can’t seem to finish…

Crown of Success oil
Personal power oil
Life of luxury oil
Wealthy way oil
Jezebel oil
Deadly attraction oil
Goddess of love oil
Peace in the home oil
Guardian Angel oil
Healing oil
Psychic Intuition oil
Blessing oil
Protection from evil oil
Fiery Wall oil

I will light a candle for you anointed with the oils you choose and your user name as a link! I don’t promise more than that!
These candles take an hour to burn so I’ll be doing 1 to 3 candles a day because of space issues…

You can choose up to 2 oils for one candle.
No need for your personal information.
I will not call on spirits or use their sigils on the candles!
This is just intention candle! And my intention to the candle is that “it may help you with whatever you need it for.”

If you don’t trust this or have doubts then don’t request! I am a random stranger on the Internet after all!

I have a 100 tealight candles to burn through, so this thread will stay open until its done!

I am doing this for free. Please keep it in this thread and no PMs!

:thinking: I hope I’m not breaking any rules here, but if so, feel free to remove it @DarkestKnight


May I have one with the psychic intuition and wealthy way oil please ? :slight_smile:

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The life of luxury oil for Please :innocent:

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Hi @MiKu

Would you please do Crown of Success and Psychic intuition oil for me.

Thank you so much for doing this.

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Personal power and healing of home please. Thank you so much for doing this :purple_heart:


I’ll take one with healing and guardian angel oil

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Light a candle with Crown of Success and Personal power oil for me please.

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If you are still offering, may i please have a candle lit with goddess of love and psychic intuition

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Thank you so much for all you do for the community Miku!

I don’t have a request rn but just wanted to say thank you :rose:


No worries! Thank you


May I have a candle with deadly attraction, and Psychic Intuition

Thank you


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Personal power and deadly attraction, please. Thanks a bunch for doing this



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You’re such a gem for doing this for people!

May I have a candle burned with Psychic Intuition and Guardian Angel oils?
Thank you so much for doing this :sparkling_heart: May a multitude of blessings find their way to you and your loved ones!


Can o have one with crown of success and wealthy way please? I have a business I am trying to start up💕


Can i have one with healing and attraction oil :eyes:

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Can I have one with personal power oil and healing oil? Thank you!


healing one if possible thank you MiKu ur the best :slight_smile: