Free black magick ritual - CLOSED, all places taken

Hello! As requested by the Daemonic Gatekeepers to do different types of rituals to feel for the different types of clients I will come across in professional black magick. I need people to message me with certain situations you need done and come across as difficult clients. This will only be for 10 people! I will have @Lady_Eva close this topic once 10 people have commented.


Can I request one pls…

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Yes. PM me and I will get to you. Please be the most argumentative and bitchy person you can be.

This is so I know what to do when I encounter it :rofl::rofl:


pm sent

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Can i request

Of course! Be bitchy with your request though :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Tell me if it is enough

I don’t have a request but thank you doing this.


This is more for my own training than anything.

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Yes very big thank you

Hiya. I’ll pm :slight_smile:

Do you need me to be “bitchy” lol

Yes and argue with him. That is what he wants

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I just want to emulate different difficult scenarios, not necessarily for everyone to be argumentative.


I can try :sweat_smile: though I always try to be as polite as I can when it comes to stuff like this…
Are customers really that rude to the people they hire, though…? Wow

Will you actually be doing the work, or is this just to practice dealing with different people?

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He does the work, from what I read in the post

It’s to emulate the rudeness that SOME people give, as told to me by the gatekeepers. Yes, I will be doing the work. Or else I wouldn’t have put FREE RITUALS out on this forum lmao


May I have it please? Thanks

PM me

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