Free aura cleaning for 3 people first come first serve

Hello Left Hand path friends, I will give first 3 people aura cleaning for free, however I would need from you 2-3 feedbacks ie next day, in a week, in a month from the session ( I will send a reminder). I would also need a face photo (eyes can be seen), and a name. All is confidential and done is for you only.

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Ill take it!

i’ll take one

well shit I’m too late lol

About 2 decades ago Raymon Grace was supposed to clean my aura but vanished :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If there are any openings, I am interested

Can i trust this?:joy:

I’m very interested. PM if you’d like, I know I’m late but it’s worth a shot :smile:

It’s a true story. I’m not sure if it was really Raymon though. People said it was though and were raving about his clearings in a community like this. That was in 2004.

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