Free 1 card pulls from the Spiritsong tarot deck. (5 people no DMs)

This is limited to just 5 people no DMs.

I had to close my other thread do to life getting in the way. Do understand this is done in my free tome when I am able to do so.

With all the legal stuff out of the way.

I am offering 5 one card pulls from my Spiritsong deck.


Can I get one? Regarding romance in my future?


Please pull one for me. A general message from the universe of what I need to know.



Can I get card pull? Without seems fit now.

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I was just re-reading a previous pull you did for me a while back, still resonates and I needed it today.
I’ll take one if I’m in time. Whatever comes through would be lovely.

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I would like a reading pls general

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If you don’t mind please: I’ve got a spiritual goal that’s also magick related in mind to work on. Is working on it in keeping with the real me?

Edit add: dammit @ my slowness typing the request out (cuz it resulted in mine being 6th I think) bummer

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Ok I am going to lock it here and do the readings. I will see if I want to open up to more after that.


damm … i am 7th

edit - am i in ? :eyes:

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I’ll be pulling the cards tonight have small family emergency right now.


So when I was shuffling the cards I had two fall out.

The hanged man and strength

Hanged man:
Perspective, patience, alignment, sacrifice, prophecy, letting go.

Self-control, inner strength, courage, compassion, love, patience, vision, endurance.

Here’s your card:

Two of Acorns-Falcon

Insight, focus

Message: A messenger on a mission, falcon is focused on her target. In search of new experiences, she said her side confidently on what she wants. Falcon is the victorious insignia For foresight and vision. Her power of insight gives her the ability to make choices that create balance and integration within her world. Now is the time to manifest your ideas into form. You hold the power of sin to take flight in a new direction. Recognize your full potential, go forth courageously, and stand by your decisions. Preserve, and you will achieve your goals.

Decisions, planning, insight, progress, boldness, focus, goals attained.


Ten of Crystals-alligator

Stability, attainment

Message: on the border land of water and earth, alligators primordial creative power supplies her with the essential groundwork to recognize her goals. Her careful planning and Methodical Waze brought her long-term security, and she’s earned the comfort she enjoys as she continues to strengthen her empire. Alligator is reminding you that you have worked hard to G what you have yet she wants you to realize there is always room for growth and change consider How you can best use your skills towards jump starting a project be open to receiving the bountiful Blessings that life has to offer.

Keywords: security, solid foundations, stability, prosperity, attainment, success, establishment.

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Thank you so much!! :heart::heart:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Just remember the key work is planning so that means keep a Norte or planner to keep everything together.

So think it all out first okay?

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I looks like what you are working for is starting to solidify. That’s super exciting!!

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Can i get one please

This is closed for now until I finish the first 5.