Franz Bardon Step 8 and The Practice of Magical Evocation

Greeting MysticNick,
Am happy that you like the information, I hope it will help if need be. And as to your question relating to having ever summon any of the BEINGS in the 2nd book, yes I have over the last 20 years!
And I said this, many of the spirit beings I had summoned, are indeed very powerful. Also, many of them will gage you on the questions about their service to your cause and specific ANALOG of their power and world. I’ve found that, many of them are on some form of ancient frequency as to how your mind will and can receive their insights if and when they manifest. As some of the spirits are crypt when talking with them, do to the fact, they WILL check out your levels and motives as to if you really need certain types of knowledge! Many of them, are higher level entities, forthcoming on some things, and not on all, and it’s a very good reason for this!

For example, I contacted these spirits, “VEHUISH, AMUTHN & ORAMUS,” as to the various marking on the seal, which deals with the particular being Qabalistic letters which were on their particular seal. These so called letters as I found out later by these spirits entities, are used internally with in the very (Spirit frequencies,) as they are gaged by the letters on the Seal it self, and work completely different, as they only work in the in the “Akashic realm first, before they can manifest into our world” Also, this is only because, they have to be directly place into this realm during the early development phase of the work first, in order for them ever manifest into the astral & than the “Physical plane!” And yes I have use them.

Moreover, let me be very clear with this statement hereafter;- these spirits beings, and many like them, “WILL NOT” revel this type of knowledge if they have already determine before you summon any one of them, your not capable to move energies of the base elements and fluids around, nor control these forces at “WILL.” Furthermore, if for this reason, they determine that your not ready, you WANT GET what you seek for, not until they know you have reached a certain phase in your maturity in magic! Yes it’s old school stuff, I found, that there are Spiritual Guardians on this work, as to why many people have some block in the learning these steps! Once you become good in proficiency in the steps, you can soon speak words of power into your aura, and take on you GOD suite of magic WILL, manifested and emanating out of your own AURA!
I said this because, “THEY” will test you to know beforehand of your phase of development as you move through the steps, and they do will know! You will not get the Key frequency to control the forming of these forces at WILL, this a fact!
That been said, when I first started, I have (10) damn journals of failure before I found the errors, in my work! You must tailor make these steps on the realm of fantasy and imagination with in the mind first, just like a small CHILD to get them to work for you in the Astral and Akashic realm.

Now, as to the spirits in this second book, many of them will not for some reason, violate this RULE I have give here. Yes, it’s real OLD SCHOOL STUFF, and some of the spirits are highly “Elevated ancient masters” out of other realms not of earth, and you will soon see this for your self if you continual on this particular path. Their are many other beings in the book I, have contacted, And many are not of this REALM, or of other pass faiths and cult religions of our world!

In closing, once you reach between (5 & the 7th Step,) you may began getting open visitation spiritual inspirational insight by guides which are assigned to the work of Dr. Bardon. And 'O, if your looking for the negative __ beings if these spirits in this book, they can be summon, by PORTAL MAGIC! Once you learned this secret, you can simply formulate words of power to form what CALLED, “Orbium Supremium” all around you with coming from your aura. Further, you will take on and emanate your own true GOD FORM, base on what you have develop in the training, this is the real and true meaning of the so called MAGIC CIRCLE!

You see, by developing this, it will end the need and or use of drawing 'Circles on the ground, or doing a middle pillar ritual, or any of the so called elementary rites of the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram rituals “est” point BLANK period! This will speed up the time factor in magical evocations and other advance rituals. I have learn as other to achieve this as you will are make have.

Hey, once you began opening portals of various realms, understand, you have direct and complete access to that spirit plan, and the entities you wish to summon from out of that particular realm!
Understand me when I state this… "This means, you can be anywhere, and speak your words of power to form your “Comic Circle” without all the (“Damn so called ritual equipment!) All you need, is your summoning and the specific seal with a journal to record in! You can just at “Will,” at any place or time, use words of power from that time on to do any ritual or rituals of any kind, no matter the book of magic or it’s drawn circles that’s in the book.
Look. Once you develop your true GOD suite” of magic, you can just WILL it to manifested and emanating out of you own “AURA field,” which is the real true so called "Circle of POWER! Well, sincerely hope that I stated something they will help you. peace to you my Brother in Magic.


Really interesting way you have to explain things about Bardon system!
Can you write a walkthrough on Bardon system as many other so called Bardon “walkthroughs” and “Commentaries” are taken down or their authors deleted them except William and Clark.
I am asking this because I have difficulties with first step with soul mirror as what is bad or good? As it depends person to person? And how to balance your good and bad traits with elements? And how to observe your thoughts as mine doesn’t flow at all and I find myself deliberately thinking them or sometimes there are images and not thoughts in the form of chatter and third one like charging food and water makes feel something missing!

What after Bardons third tarot card or Book? How to master the remaining major and minor aracanna?

And can we really use bardons magic as we like freely like cursing, Killing someone, Getting laid etc which usually magician have a real big soft corner for (Most of em) or you will be judged and Have some sort of Heaven or Hell system where good deeds will be paid Greatly and Bad deeds will be punished etc

I am asking as many spirits on Bardons second book can give magician knowledge about time manipulation, Shapeshifting?,space manipulation, materialisation, Age reversal, rejuvenation, invisibility. Upto what extent we can use it freely?
Can we shapeshift into another human if we want?
Can we explore other timelines and alternate universes?
Can we live in past or future?
And just Go extreme with these things because that’s real GodHood in my opinion. The freedom to everything, Time, Death, Body everything!!

And about that portal thing made me think about something, Are there other dimensions like there are different spirit dimensions?

Sorry if I asked too much, I am new to magic (and English as well)
There hasn’t been a single Good piece of information that you can use really! And you have to waste your time reading and listening to occult lunatics and their verbal diahreah in the form of weird theories and rituals

@MysticNick and @anon47923162
Can you Guys answer some questions of mine as well?
Asking because I find both of you guys posts and replies helpful and coming from someone who really practice magic

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Do you think his strict guidelines need to be upheld to use his work or do you thing its possible to adapt his workings to your own personal path?
I always felt going down a path that someone else laid out without having your own say or modifications seems off… not wrong or bad just feel almost any path should be able to have experimentation and etc. Of course that is just my thought process and I’m unsure if it holds up but just wanted some insight.

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You will have to wait until tonight as if I have type replies to all that on my phone autocorrect and the small keyboard will drive me insane.

This blog is a redo by a magician who recently took his last one down to make a second approach at it. He explains soul mirrors rather well in my opinion and a few other things so in the meantime you can see if that clears anything up until I can get on my computer and type everything out.


Justin B has a great magickal training book like Bardon’s but much more simplified w/ results comparable to Bardon’s system according to him. It’s called Secrets of magic revealed and he has it on last time I checked.

I think his system is really a bare bones system, so you can use the techniques and power you gain from it and choose how you want to work your magick.

Justin B(the post below) has taken Bardon’s training and developed his own system and even explains that the very definition of karma as it is thought by mainstream has no real baring unless you buy into that thought form.

Karma is merely cause and effect and their is no cosmic police force arresting you if you do bad, although there are other magicians that want law and order and will fight against some that threaten their peace of mind/ well being.

Bardon’s soul mirror, in my experience, is designed to make your elemental makeup as balanced as possible so that you don’t hurt yourself or hold yourself back in your magickal training and power.

Bardon smoked, had frequent sex, was not a vegetarian, he was no yogi in that way, but was apparently good enough to have access to these mysteries, so take that as food for thought.

Spirits are usually amoral and won’t care if you beat the dog, as long as you treat THEM with respect they will keep helping and working w/ you. (Unless of course the spirit really likes dogs :P)


I second @anon47923162 post below. Justin B. trained under Bardon’s system and really has nice breakdowns of the steps in the system(at least he did in his old blog)

On shapeshifting: according to the occult author Konstantinos, from his book Summoning Spirits, you can learn to shapeshift from Ose first astrally and then after years physically, so I don’t see why not.

You can explore timelines and alternate universes thru astral travel/projection/lucid dreaming(where you actually are controlling what you want to happen)

You can live in the past or future thru lucid dreaming/astral projection

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Yeah I believe in cause and effect but I thought Karma was more an attachment thing but I guess that wokrks with cause and effects.
I just really like the methods and results people had but wanted to make it my own in a sense.

Alright this won’t be a full walk through more just a clarification on your questions.

Alright in regards to the soul mirror it is a self analysis of your qualities and personality. Whether something is good or bad should come from its relation to you and your life from an objective standpoint. You want to detach yourself as much as you can from your personality and then list down your qualities and personality traits and mark them in terms of how negative or positive they are to your wellbeing as you see them. At that point start categorizing them into elemental affinities based off what you know of the elements and how the relate to personality and the mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect as this will be a work in progress you will revise as you work on curbing some traits and enhancing others. The link I gave you does eventually lead into examples of this.
Now in regards to observing your thoughts it is much the same process but you just sit and focus on your breathing and see what you end up thinking about and how you get distracted. The goal here is to always be consciously aware of your breath but also take notice of thoughts and external influences on your mind while in that focused state. Think of it similar to a martial trance a fighter might go into where he is perfectly aware of the placement of his body and condition but is also going to be aware of all stimulus around him to react. The goal is constant self awareness and it can take a while to get down. Now images and ‘deliberately’ thinking about them count as thoughts and you just got to work to stay focused through the process.

This is the action of drawing a thought, concept, or energy from the universe and from yourself to push into a substance. It gets better and stronger over time with practice and also helps as a form of self hypnosis at its most basic level to program yourself with a quality such as health and vitality. It might help for you to focus on the concept or quality and breathe it and energy into your body and as you exhale push it out your hands into the food or drink.

Bardon was going to write a fourth book but never got the chance his notes were destroyed. However if you complete all three books you will be well in position to discover the rest on your own through your own work and research. His fourth book was going to deal on alchemy, supposedly the physical alchemy of herbs and plants and elixirs however my own experiences seem to indicate this is just an initial step to energetic alchemy and transmutations.

While there are certain laws of vibration you have to watch out for unless you screw yourself over or piss someone off that can do something about it you can do whatever you want. These laws of vibration are explained in part of how magicians get trapped into the service of entities in your state will too much resemble them if left uncorrected. So if you do a lot of negative work and do not balance out your energy and do proper cleaning you will attract a lot of negativity. If you do proper cleaning of your energy and surroundings it shouldn’t be a problem no matter how much hell you raise unless cause and effect ends up biting you in the ass. So don’t destroy the source of your paychecks or something dumb like that.

To whatever extent you have mastered those skills. If a being makes you swear an oath as to how you use your power and you agree to it then you have to get it released or find a way around it. In general these are likely only going to apply in the sense of don’t use this ability frivolously until you have x amount of skill and is usually placed to keep you from blowing yourself up.

Yes, difficulty depends on factors of whether generic other human or specific individual and whether you want to use illusions or physical shifting. Physical shifting while I will say it is certainly possible would be incredibly difficult on scale and I can’t manage it myself so don’t count on having it anytime soon unless you find someone who has already mastered it to teach you.

Yes, you can astrally and in some cases physically travel to other timelines and universes. Keep in mind though the greater the difference between your originating universe and the one you are going to in terms of events and general energy the harder it will be and the higher the cost. Mental and astral travel is very easy mainly based on focus and will guided with perception through Akasha. Physical requires formula similar to the third book and I am not giving that out.
As for living in the past or future messing with time is a tricky business and best left to mental and astral work and not physical attempts. Things get a bit too unstable otherwise.

In time if you master yourself and the universe. Just completing say all the tarot cards will not give you this you will have to master each one and more. Completing them just means you have competent enough skill to mostly safely utilize the practices and it does not speak of further mastery which must be developed through experience.

Things get really wonky when you think about it. Spirit dimensions are physical dimensions if you reside at that level so whether something is astral or physical dimension etc really depends on your own position in relation to it.

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Understood! Can we charge food with materialistic goals as well? like money, New Job, Car etc. Also to charge it with intention that consumed food or water will protect us and heal us (emotionally, physically and mentally) or to unhex us and things of that sort of

i want to dive deep into this magic type

Understandable, i thought some entity will help you move further

Interesting! i would like your advice and some practical method on some things like:

  • Banishing
    Why its needed?
    How to do it?
    does it mess up your “Magical current” or the spirits you are working with? as many here say it does do that

  • Balance
    How to maintain that?

  • Cleansing
    How to do that?
    basically how to clean yourself and your environment and get rid of parasites, elementals and thought forms that are unwanted.

  • Protection and shielding
    from hexes,Unwanted entities, psychic attacks, malicious spells and others feelings.

I have read about the above but i would like a opinion of magician like you.

interesting and Understood

Understood and what cost we talking about here? it will be difficult or dangerous

You explained that really well. Understood it quick.

I Guess I Need to practice a lot to understand that the way it is. Thanks a ton mate. You really explained it well and now I Can start my IIH Practice. Much Gratitude to you and Thanks for that wordress Blog link!!

everyone have said that exact same thing!

i liked his IIH walkthrough a lot and i saw you in his comment section as well asking the same question i would have asked and then i saw you here aha

Makes you wonder about the power of such thought forms

Really? Never knew.

That’s Great! (Who doesn’t aha)

Wanted to do it physically aha
Hows your Lucid Dreaming practice going on?
still seeking that immortality goal :P?

anyways, Do you know how to clean and awaken chakras? How to do candle magick and Fire Sigil other then sex?

You have an ant problem so you spray the ants with raid and clean house. That is banishing. There are a lot of rituals given for banishing and cleaning such as the LBRP and a few others. In direct energy terms you expand a field of condensed energy commanding and pushing out all unwanted energy and disrupting energy that won’t move until it falls apart and is blown away. It doesn’t mess up anything that you choose to exclude and you can target it to specific energies or entities.

In Bardon’s work he goes over a method of working with the elements not just in the soul mirror but by condensing them in regions through the body that helps to keep balance with the soul mirror evaluations. You also want to avoid going too far dark or light if you are not comfortable with it.

It is like banishing but more gentle like routine cleaning of the house. A good method is to bathe everything in a gentle cleaning glow of vital energy you gather of focus to cleanse all it comes in touch with.

I list some shielding and wards here.

Both difficult and dangerous and creates a lot of destructive feed back if you aren’t careful.


I am on that goal :slight_smile:

Yes Justin B’s book that I mentioned has specific methods for this, but it’s considered advanced practice and he doesn’t recommend it to beginners at all. It is close to one of the last steps in his system.

IMO and his you should start w/ the basics first like concentration and stilling the mind and then control of the elements first. Then once you have mastered these, it’s safer to work with more direct chakra and kundalini work.

I’ll give you an example: I was trying to rush to using the chakra work and afterwards the energy was surging so much, but stopping at my heart chakra blockage that I thought that I was gonna have a heart attack as my heart was beating faster and faster and I was having trouble breathing and ready to pass out until I banished the excess energies. It is NO JOKE!!

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Hello, I am in Step 1 of IIH, I am a total novice, but I can recommend three books that helped me to be clearer about the Mirror of the Soul and the 4 Elements

Sura Training Definitions Soul Mirror Work by Ray del Sole
the book gives a list of the positive and negative attitudes of each element … with a small explanation of each
Group each virtue into its element
You can download it for free from the Falcon Books website

Elemental Equilibrium by Virgil
It focuses on balance and gives very useful advice, to get the personality or virtues or gifts or ability you want
You can get it in Amazon kindle format

Autohypnosis for Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics by Ray del Sole
His name says it all, he explains that without auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis we would have 20 to 50% of his potential to complete faster and better IIH
You’ll find it on Amazon

You can also use the self-hypnosis methods of Ray’s book to supplement Virgil’s EE faster (I think)
Virgil uses more auto-suggestion … with both books I think that the Equilibrium can be completed, and it would be quicker to see the results …

Virgil and Ray are very good at giving exercises because they are very practical, but, in my opinion, they are exaggeratedly RHP at various points, just take the practical exercises


Wow, Justin has a new blog, great


Yes I have many You Tube channels, And Yes, I may reopening a new channel again to the work… That been said, It was open for some 8 years in on of the some of the other You Tube pages I once open to certain real seekers.But, after *8 years I close it and move to some requested "HOODOO /VOODOO followers forms and work with some new students and clients in which many have had great breakthroughs and results!
I’ve done this for some (5)years due to the fact many folk I found to be very LAZY when it come to learning the works of Kemetic Sciences. Can you say "SHORT CUTS, that’s what magic is to many out their, this is why I limited those videos over time, and this is why many folk aren’t pushing the work, I know this as a fact. Some have even try to pay me to give them my magical words to open Astral Gates and Portals, but didn’t care to go through the steps. I since then developed my on work called (The Dynonimicon!) It is a personal canonization of an magic system of learning from old past incarnations that one has already mastery in those other lives of magic. It is old magic and new non the less. You learn for what you already knew in your pervasion life. This is the short cut hidden in (IIH) book that Dr. Bardon place in plan sight!
Remember, Dr. Bardon claimed him self to had an share companion in his body which give him his powers and knowledge at 13 years of age. Did anyone get this! He had a so called ancient GOD living in side of him. Here in is the secret of the real work, the work in understanding the powers of incarnations by magic! This is the CHEAT CODE!

You will know thy self with the spirit entities that are drawn to you from the beginning OF TIME, Also, not make the same mistakes you could of or may make from in the past which could be maybe by the same spirits. by
Hey, I personally develop this system with the help of many powerful spirit entities of my past lives. We all are beaning brought to unknown influences to learn and in prove to some degree, that we must evolve! And if your an real mystic, you will be challenged to your own cause, for it doesn’t end with death! Time will become irrelevant to this discovery. I hope that I said something that has helped. peace.


Sorry I missed out on your channels.
That sounds like a helluva key and makes sense if you could do that using your previous incarnations powers and abilities in the present one.
Have you published the Dynonimicon yet? You should. I’d buy it :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your posts you’ve made so far.

Can you give us an update on your youtube channel or of learn or practice the Dynonimicon? ( I researched it and couldn’t find anything about it or anything written. Is there a handle you go by on on other forums or any links to other sites you could post here or otherwise PM me?) I’m interested in tapping into past incarnations as well and would love to look into your path working. Thank you so much!

Welcome @jakes. I see you joined us a long time ago, but this is your very first post. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Thanks DarkestKnight, I posted in the form and introduced myself.

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