Fox and goetia

Have you ever worked with some spirit that has appears like a fox? I first saw a fox today. I was thinking on glasya-labolas, i did a curse spell on a person 1 month ago and said that when the person was actually cursed or killed it was for Glasya-labolas to give me a sign that I would offer the offer of thanks, is it him? I read that he can take Fox form

Every help is welcome


If you feel that it is a sign from glasya labolas then it for sure is :slight_smile: you may check on your enemy

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I’m visited by animal spirits since some days.
I don’t know why wolves and big cats come to me but they are there. I don’t believe it’s Glasya-Labolas. Ancestors visit me, too. It can have any reason why you see foxes. I don’t know how the astral realms see you…

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There exist a method to a know why the Fox came to me?

I would ask my shaman or astral travel to research.