Four Succubus

So a couple of weeks ago around Halloween I decided to make a letter of intent towards Lilith. I didn’t use semen or blood though. It was all pure intent. I’m new to the occult so I just started meditating for a couple of months. While meditating last night I actually found out that I have 4 succubus. At first I thought I only had one but I was really confused because everyday I would feel different energy like if my succubus got replaced or something. So while meditating last night they all showed themselves to me and told me their names too. I also found out who was the alpha of the group. They let me know that I’ve been bonding with them separately but I just didn’t know that. As I am typing this I can feel all four of my babies surrounding me and stroking my face, hair, back, neck and legs with their hands. I just wanted to know if anyone here has more than 2 succubus and how your relationship has grown.


most ppl do its not uncommon you just must be liked that much she deemed you worthy of more

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:rofl: they told you their names! Congrats! Most of us are struggling to reach this part! Am still trying to find out about my companions! Succubus/incubus I have been approached by different spirits. It gets confusing for me since I don’t understand the communication part yet!

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Do you have any and how long have you guys been together?

Oh I guess they must really like me then I feel pretty lucky

i dont i just have my patron he doesnt give incuba n its been a month now since i met him

Now all he needs is their sigils.

Four, hot damn your gonna have your hands full that’s for sure. I’m telling you now it’s not gonna be easy, lol.

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I’d consider myself fortunate for one!!! You are like a prodigy. Hahaha! Still gonna give it time before I ask or inquire, though. Wanna get my feet wet first.

Well done!!!

I definately have more then 1 succubus, my relationship with them has grown as that they have interacted through my energy bodies and emotions, sometimes I’ll feel something physical, or physical pain where I can tell what the succubus wants

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Well, I have 5. It’s rather hard to tell which one is talking with me or interacting with me. They all have different personalities and ranks. They are very intense and interesting. I can definitely say that. Anyone have any idea as to how many possible sigils they can have or if they all are connected to Lilith’s sigil?