Found these sigils

Hey everyone. As the title says, I’ve found some sigils painted on a side of a freight car. I took a picture out of curiosity, thought someone here may recognize any of them as an entity’s sigil, though I guess it’s possible some mage made them him/herself.

No, it’s just fancy lettering. Look to the right in very small letters it says either hale or hate, then look at the symbols again, you can plainly see the letters H-A and so on. Looks like they just wrote the same word and added a bunch of characters to it and slightly morphed the letters to make it unrecognizable and make the letters look more mysterious and “evil”. Most graphiti taggers do this but it looks like this guy was an amature and went a bit overboard and took it a step further and wrote the actual word in plain text right next to it.

I’ve played too many detective games where you have to look for clues to solve a puzzle or riddle, and sometimes the clues are right next to the puzzle in plain sight, so obvious that most people wouldn’t think to look there because most people would assume the clues would be hidden a bit harder than that. It may even be HALR, someone’s initials?

There is no reason ‘just’ fancy lettering can’t act as a sigil, after all look at most advertising campaigns :wink: it looks like a very occult type picture all in all with the other sigils ‘power cable signs’ etc… In fact it looks very much like a picture from the lightning path or ‘ruthless path’.

I’m not stupid, I figured it was probably a sigil of empowerment for the person who created it but I was just pointing that out, that the person seems to have made sigils out of their initials or out of a word. That these are definitely not symbols for any entities I’ve ever come across or anything I’ve seen in a book, they have that specific look of self-created. Just pointing out my observations so the OP doesn’t try to use these to contact some unidentified entity and end up accidentally energetically empowering the person who drew them and giving them more energy by focusing on their symbols.

I did not mean for you to deduce I was implying your stupid after all if I thought that I would say YOUR STUPID, but this is an opportunity for others to learn who may not be as clear as you on the subject… Many people like the idea of magick or occult but don’t live it. So we can raise awareness of what things even ‘simple’ things are for those that are in the dark regarding the subject many people don’t even consider a road sign or power cable sign as a sigil but they would if they were given more information such as ‘a power cable sign’ is created on the basis of bringing concepts to conscious awareness through programmed thought forms, ie ‘i might get electrocuted’ ‘danger’ etc. Very effective sigils, it’s very rare to find a person who does not conceptualize or have thoughts arise when looking at such a sign - hope that helps someone.

Alot of the big magick nowadays is actually hidden in plain sight where alot of people traffick through say cities.