Found an old reversal spell jar in my house today

I was a newbie to the LHP in 2017. It was my last resort to get a woman back at the time. I did a ammonia jar reversal spell and hid it in the dark as the spell required. I found it today and poured it into the toilet. Forgot about it for three years and it didn’t work. Question is, could this be the reason my spells are hindered or don’t work at times? Please chime in on this. Thanks.

You didn’t do anything wrong (well, trying to bring back an ex is often a bad idea…). It’s possible you just weren’t meant to be with her, or that there were too many things in the way that you weren’t aware of.

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Basically, this.

Also, when you’re new to any activitie is when you commit your mistakes. It is okay, in my humble opinion making mistakes is the best way to learn, unless you do surgery for a living or something. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Thanks, Poppet and RC.

i was thinking of doing an ammonia jar. but there is a love work on. is it advisable?

I don’t see why not, but you should ask someone here wiser than me.