Fotamecus - time expansion/compression servitor

Is totally safe for a beginner to call Fotamecus?

I have read all the information concerning Fotamecus but I am not sure of it.
Do you have always to alternate a petition for alternating time, and then next time a petition for making time shorter?

You call Fotamecus for expanding time and then sending him back(closing his colaboration)? How do you send him back?

If you want, mainly, to expand time(make the time lasts more)

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No. It happens automatically. What is given must be balanced, so if you petition him to speed up time, then he will automatically slow down time, but you can decide when that happens since it is a known consequence of his power. For example, if you tell him to speed up time when you’re in school because you’re bored, you can tell him to slow down time when you’re out with friends enjoying yourself so it lasts longer.

He will leave once his job is done, unless you tell him to stick around.


I don´t understand clearly your last phrase. Do you say that you have to balance out petitions slowing down time if you at first asked for speeding time up(or vice versa) OR other option consisting on passing the energy…? I don´t understand that.

currently I am not speciallt interested in speeding time up. Would be for me any way of asking Fotamecus only to slown down it, and balancing it in another way?

You can ask him to slow down time, and if you don’t want your time to be sped up later, then you can pass that energy (time speeding up) back to Fotamecus. That way someone else can ‘use’ it and it won’t affect you.

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How can you do that? by the way, you have to ask Fotamecus for each time you want to speed up or slowing down or you call him only one time and give general instructions about how you want time behaves in general terms?

Have a look at the link in my original post, it explains in a bit more depth.

I personally call him every time and ask. You could probably ask in general (speed up my working hours, slow down my time outside of work) but might need to redo it every couple of weeks to make sure you’re feeding energy into the servitor network.

If I’m alone I will call him by tracing his sigil in the air with my forefinger, then I will repetitively trace a circle clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on whether I want time sped up, or slowed down, respectively) while chanting his name. Although I don’t actually “chant” it as such. With most entities you would try and chant their name repetitively and on the same beat/time each repetition. With Fotamecus I “chant” the syllables of his name at random lengths, off beat, and constantly change the length of each syllable.

If you’re not alone you can visualise his seal and focus energy toward it, “chant” (as described above) his name in your head, and/or visualise a clock being smashed with a sledgehammer. Then simply ask him (in your mind) to slow down or speed up time, and whatever other requests you have.

Hope that helps.


So, if you want to slow down only, you don´t have to ask both: speeding up some days, and balancing it by asking to slow down other days, so, when you ask slowing down the time, you pass the counterpart(speeding)to Fotamecus, isn´t it?

How can it be done?


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Thanks for your answers. However, I think I didn´t express myself clearly: I meant that how could you ask Fotamecus that, if you asked him to slow down time, you don´t want the counterpart, that is, you don´t want to speed up other moments, and you want to pass that counterpart to Fotamecus chain so he, or any other person could use that speeding up energy?

On the other hand, I´d like to ask. Some general instructions about Fotamecus speak about visualizing an Octarine light for drawing the sigil. How can this be done, as not everyone knows how this colour is?

Does Fotamecus bring to your life some signs, circumstances, or some effects?

I have split this into a new thread so the other one doesn’t go off-topic.

“Fotamecus, I ask that you slow down time [for X hours/days]/[until X]. I ask that you please absorb the expended energy back into the network for another person to use.”

This is something related to chaos magick but I have no knowledge of it beyond that; I would recommend googling it, or searching the forum.

He doesn’t give you signs… he speeds up or slows down time, immediately. Like, I have used Fotamecus to make it to work on time by calling him in the car when stuck in traffic. As soon as you call him and ask him, he starts working.

You could probably try and evoke or petition him and ask for something in future if you really wanted. I just call him when I need him.

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