Fotamecus Time Control Servitor and Group Servitors (Egregores)

From Arnaud Vincote of Gallery of Magick Discussions and Experimentations:

Servitors are man-made entities. Working with these kinds of spirit have its drawbacks and its definitive advantages.

This article will mostly explain some particular details you should know about servitors. If you don’t know much about servitors, you should first read Damon’s “Magickal Servitors” book. If you don’t want to read it now, just keep in mind that servitors are spirits created by an occultist to charge it with a particular mission, and are fed by various mean, in order to get it to grow more powerfully.


Damon gives instructions on how to feed servitors in his book, these instructions are great. However, I found out one incredible way to feed a servitor, it consists of performing a sacrifice.

“What? Do you mean something like killing an animal?” obviously not, I’m talking about SYMBOLIC sacrifice, where no living being will have to suffer. You could almost consider this as an offering, but it will be more powerful if you convince yourself that it is indeed, a sacrifice to some extent.

The idea is to take something which has a strong symbolic value and give it to your servitor in some theatrical fashion.

I’m not the one who came up with this idea of symbolic sacrifice, the person who created it is named Fenwick Rysen, he was a member of a well-known Chaos Magic order, the AutonomatriX Guild.

Fotamecus: Viral Time Compression/Expansion Servitor

He gave birth to a servitor called Fotamecus. With this servitor, he could make time going faster or slower.

One day, he invited several friends to perform a ritual, where they sacrificed a clock by smashing it with a rock to make Fotamecus more powerful, do you see the symbolism behind this act?

After the ritual was done, they couldn’t seem to evoke Fotamecus to communicate with it. Fotamecus came back days later, announcing that the ritual has made him far more powerful and that he was ready to wield its power more than ever! This is the definitive proof that symbolic sacrifice is the way to go!

Fotamecus became a powerful servitor, fed and evoked by thousands of people around the world, today, it is still considered as one of the most popular servitors of Chaos Magic.
However, this makes Fotamecus more than just a servitor, it is a group servitor, or even, what we would call an egregore! Something more powerful than a common servitor and fed by many groups of people.

But the term egregore also refers to something else.

Want to know something crazy? Us, members of this particular Facebook group, we created an egregore. Not consciously, but we did.

Just by getting together with a common interest, forming a group and chatting about magic, we directed our energies unconsciously to the astral plane, and created some kind of entity, an egregore, a spirit just like a servitor, but fed by the interactions of our group.

Every political party, every sports club, every corporation and in short, every group of people, have an egregore.

Some people think that communicating and feeding the egregore of the group can improve the group itself, I strongly believe this, and has done this in the past.

Does it give you the idea to get in touch with our egregore?


On Imperial Art’s blog, he describes a very relevant offering he made to Belial:

A true sacrifice will not be debilitating, and yet it should not be convenient either.

… among my sacrifices one is worth noting in public. It was a collection of writing and drawing, never made public despite my anticipation toward that end, which I sealed and burned in the brazier. The spirit took great delight in this, remarking on what was now lost and how it would affect myself and others. I forsook those materials, somewhat dear to me yet inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, and exchanged them for what I now desired to obtain from Belial. It was a genuine sacrifice, so I mention it as an example and say nothing of the rest.
Imperial Arts

Although his approach and my own are almost completely opposite in many ways, as a child I used to make drawing for spirits, either to use as manifestation bases/idols, or to burn, when I got old enough to think of it and be allowed to disappear out and have privacy.


I think poems and writing are great ways to sacrifice to a spirit. The Baron was certainly on to something with the Ode To Lilith.


Few years back, half a decade I didn’t know much about symbolic sacrifice. Hope I didn’t fucked myself in the worst possible way without knowing what the hell I was doing. !!! Everything started after that.

“My thoughts become my reality,” where have I heard this? Buddha? Neo?

Shit, this explains Christianity.
Totally made up, get millions of dumbshits to feed it with their thought energy, perform symbolic sacrifices (Communion/Eucharist) and this Servitor,
becomes a god? Or just a very powerful servitor, or a fucking god? Sounds like it.

Cool. I will have to do battle with him to see how powerful this false “god” is.

Does it mention how to destroy a servitor?
Perhaps getting rid of those who give it power with their thoughts and prayers? Shit, explains Hitler and why he was fascinated with the Occult, maybe he knew something.

Shit, I’m going to evoke the ancient gods with this knowledge. Crush your enemy, see them driven from you, and hear the lamentation of the women. “Crom”.